TTMT #510 – Oop, I Finished My Quilt Top!


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6 thoughts on “TTMT #510 – Oop, I Finished My Quilt Top!

  1. Suzanne Cooper

    Could this quilt pattern be a Linus demo? At least, a pattern on the website? It’s great.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      If you want to test the yet-to-be-written pattern for me and be my Vanna during the demo, then I suspect that can be arranged! We do have a demo opening for April and I do find myself with some appropriate mini jelly rolls for a Linus-appropriate version of this quilt. I’ll work on the pattern as I have time and email you when it’s done. That work for you?

  2. Connie B

    Love your jelly roll Quilt! I just got some floral jelly rolls I think would look great using that pattern.

  3. kashmirfish

    Hi, Jennifer.. love the quilt…I would be interested in a tutorial for this pattern. Thank you as always for your generosity.


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