TTMT #530 – I Had “A Week”

I didn’t explain about this “I had ‘a week’ ” business in the video, partly because it would have taken too long to explain and I’m trying very hard to be positive.

Last week, I inadvertently damaged my mid-arm. I’m driving it up to Temple tomorrow to the closest Grace dealer so it can be repaired without invalidating the warranty. I’m taking a friend and we’re visiting a couple of quilt stores after we drop it off. Making lemonade here!

We also had our credit card skimmed, probably at a gas station during our road trip, but our bank has taken care of it, so, you know, a fresh start. That does, however, mean that I’m visiting quilt stores tomorrow without a credit card, so that’s probably a good thing. 😉

There’s more, but I feel like that is more than enough to explain!


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1 thought on “TTMT #530 – I Had “A Week”

  1. Cheryl Parker

    Sorry about the credit card thing. A local newscaster here had the same thing happen so he’s done a story on it to help it NOT happen to others (hopefully). Hope the longarm is working again.


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