A Message for The Stalker

I apologize for the non-quilt related post, but I am fed up with this situation. There is a fair amount of evidence that the ex of someone in my life is watching my social media trying to glean tidbits about her life. She and I are both exhausted with the disrespect and sheer creepiness of it.

A message for the stalker:

You know who you are, you creepy, relentless toerag. Please know this message is sent with 100% knowledge and backing of the woman you won’t leave alone. Stalking is what it is called. There is NO OTHER WORD FOR IT. She doesn’t want to talk to you and that is the ONLY thing that matters here. You are not entitled to ANYTHING, including having her be part of your life or to listen to your pathetic whining.

You want to stalk my feed? Buckle up, buttercup. Just because I’m nice doesn’t mean I’m going to take your crap.

6 thoughts on “A Message for The Stalker

  1. Diane K

    Hohohoho, buddy. That is EXACTLY why I’m still careful (and asked you to be years and years ago) with my name. Even though my stalker is from almost 30 years ago, he still tries to find me online – and sometimes does. Talk about persistent. I was so worried about this very situation happening. To the Stalkee – please don’t think it’s your fault. You can’t control other people’s actions, or I definitely would have won the lottery by now. lol I’m really glad you have a Mama Bear sticking up for you! Mama Bear, I’m SUPER proud to know you! People who stick up for their friends are the best people on the planet. Rawr. ❤

  2. QuiltShopGal

    I’m so sorry you have someone stalking. What a sad and pathetic person that they are in the fact they can not move on in their life and realize how they are wasting their time and truly harming their own mental health. They probably also don’t realize how easy it is to identify stalkers nowadays as well as how easy it is to flip the coin and let their employer, co-workers, friends & family know that they are a stalker and sharing examples of what they have done. Not to mention if the stalkees decide to pursue police and/or legal action, how easy that can be to take action and create a lifelong record against the stalker. No matter how the stalker may spend their time, I view they are simply wasting their time when it comes to being a stalker. This X needs to move on and get a life. In the meantime, I wish them to find quilter’s needles on the ground every time they take a step. They are simply scum and our time on earth is too precious to waste with stalkers.

  3. cjroubaix

    Thank you Jennifer for speaking up and taking action. I concur with the above suggestion for documentation and ensuring others know of the stalkers actions. I’ve work with crisis centers and the number of times these situations have turned deadly is staggering. And it isn’t always male perpetrators!
    Wishing you safe & peaceful Holidays!

  4. Janice Shock

    Please be very watchful. About 6 weeks ago a young lady who had grown up across the street was killed in their home by her boyfriend. Worse part was their children were in the house. Anyone, if you even think there might be a problem please leave. Now these children have to grow up knowing their dad killed mom. And all the kids in the family won’t have their doting aunt around. My great granddaughter was very attached to her aunt. One less smile in the world.

  5. martha cook

    When I was in HS ( 1973…) I was stalked by a deranged man from our church. We didn’t even know what it was called in those days… I’m so glad my mom took it seriously and made calls to the appropriate people to put an end to it. Oddly enough, I remember people telling me I should pity him because he was troubled. Luckily it did not reach a dangerous level, but they usually escalate to that. Keep pushing back.


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