TTMT #598 – Window Seat

How about a (minor) change of scenery?!


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4 thoughts on “TTMT #598 – Window Seat

  1. Suzanne Cooper

    I just love the afghan. You did a great job. I am so glad you are keeping it for yourself. You deserve it. I have my fingers crossed that you will get good news next week and move forward with the MRI. Sounds like many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving month.

  2. playfulpiecing

    Oh fun journey cover.
    So much fun in the box. I love it

    Autumn glory is sooooo gorgeous! I love that blanket. It’s yummy!

    You are getting there!

    Yay for the boy coming home.
    Mine gets back two weeks from today until sometime in January as well.

    Such a great week! 🤗 Hugs 🤗

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      There are so many great details on the journal cover! It’ll definitely see lots of use!

      My blanket is all washed and it’s so soft and yummy now. Definitely happy making!

      Yay for your scientist coming home, too! 💜


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