TTMT #613 – Feeling Raggedy

Many Texans still find themselves without water & power after last week’s storms. This affects food access for both families and individuals. My family donated to the Central Texas Food Bank. If you’re able, please consider donating there or any other food bank in an affected area. Thank you. ♥


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5 thoughts on “TTMT #613 – Feeling Raggedy

  1. June Shaw

    I was very excited to see your post about restoring Raggedy Ann and Andy. Before I started quilting most of my sewing was making dolls or costumes when my three sons were little. Whenever I am making gifts for a new baby I now make a Raggedy Ann or Andy plus a baby quilt. In fact I had shipped a gift of both (and I always include a book about the dolls) to my nephew who lives in Texas for his baby to be. My new niece Paisley came early during the second snow storm. They were also lucky to have not lost power or water. I will add a few pictures of my latest dolls. Do you have a pattern for the 24 inch doll for her clothes? If you need one let me know and I will be glad to copy mine for you. I loved the colors that you chose for her dress and bloomers also. You once again taught me new ideas and in fact my sister in law has 2 dolls that were her daughters made by my mother in law. They were well loved and she was hoping that I could repair them for her. Thank you once again for your educational posts.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      June, I love that! It’s been quite a while since I needed a baby gift, but I can certainly see adding a doll to my gift repertoire!

      Congratulations on a new niece. I love the name Paisley. ♥

      I do have the 24″ pattern, but thank you so much for your offer.

  2. playfulpiecing

    Such a week! Enough said
    I sat outside today just soaking in the sun and warmth. It was just yummy outside.

    Oh the Raggedy Ann looks adorable. How nice for Becky to send you the patterns. I feel we may be seeing more of this in the future.

    Oh Amber! Delightful fabric and all
    The pointy circles.

    So glad you all faired well. I am definitely feeling grateful we had almost nothing wrong. Like things that would have been near needing replacement anyway types of stuff. Big sigh of relief & gratitude.

    Enjoy that sunny happiness out there today.


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