TTMT #618 – Two Littles

In which I share two small orphan block quilt finishes for The Linus Connection.


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3 thoughts on “TTMT #618 – Two Littles

  1. Suzanne Cooper

    Beautiful orphan block quilts. I love those colors. When you say Linus needs more small quilts, is that mostly the 30″ X 30″ size? Or do you need some bigger than that also? Say 36″X 36″ to 40″ X 40″? I have my normal five 30″ X 30″ blankets done for April, but could probably do a few more.

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Suzanne, we can use both sizes. Anything you can do would be appreciated, as always! We don’t usually announce when we need a particular size because it usually balances itself out, but it hasn’t quite yet. I think the weird winter weather inspired a lot of larger quilt making!

      1. Suzanne Cooper

        Thanks. My personal goal is 5 receiving blankets and one bigger pieced quilt per month. A bigger one for April doesn’t appear to be in the plans, so I’ll tackle some more small ones.


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