TTMT #621 – Lots of Talk & One Block

We’re outside today because it’s a beautiful day!

Sarah D., I am thinking of you lady and hope you’re doing well. ♥


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2 thoughts on “TTMT #621 – Lots of Talk & One Block

  1. playfulpiecing

    *giggles* Nice shirt you have there.

    Holy quilts! Your car must have been packed! I think 14 is correct but I honestly don’t remember.
    18!!! Nice

    I am so glad the yard is beginning to recover. It’s definitely not a climate made for deep freezes. So I am so happy you are seeing signs of life. Now you know why Northerners get a little crazy in the spring. When that green starts to reappear it is so exciting!!!!

    Happy Birthday Orange Boys.
    How are you six already?????

    Happy Crafting

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Jennifers look good in green! 😉

      My car was SO FULL. It was great!

      This is the most excited I’ve been for spring in a long time. It was shocking and sad to see everything die back and to lose so many plants!!

      I still can’t believe our floofs are six. HOW?!


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