TTMT #651 – What a Week!

In which I talk about (mostly) finishing up the garage laundry area project, getting Sarah moved, several unexpected household type issues, and what comes next! BIG thanks to everyone who shared a moving gift with Sarah. It is hugely appreciated! She’s planning to do a show & tell of her sewing room when she’s all set up. I’ll point you to that when it happens.


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1 thought on “TTMT #651 – What a Week!

  1. playfulpiecing

    What a week! I feel like you’ve earn good Karma for the rest of the year at the bare minimum.

    Your laundry cabinets look great. I’m excited to see watch you do with your sewing space. I like the idea of white with a hint of tint to it. It’s bright and happy but still some color to it. Blues & turquoise always make me happy.

    Oh I had to laugh that he is a lefty. My similar child is also a lefty. Lol

    Ok I hope we see you next week if not have a wonderful Holiday with the family.


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