Closing Reflections

It’s been two years today since I closed my pattern shop and stopped teaching and I have had no regrets.

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See the closing announcement here.

I spent about fifteen years designing, teaching, and selling: to stores, quilt guilds, magazines, & digitally. I wrote a book that was bought by a publisher and then canceled. Trunk shows, events, & classes were all part of my life. The decision to “retire” was the culmination of many things, not the least of which was my mental & physical health and the overwhelming feeling that *I* was the product. I have the utmost respect for designers who can hustle day after day, year after year. In the end, I realized I’d grown in a different direction and it was time to move on. I still love designing, I will always love quilting, and I still share my retired patterns in exchange for a small donation to a local-to-the-quilter non-profit (monetary, material, or time). (Email me with your receipt or proof of volunteering – One pattern per donation.)

My free patterns continue to be available here on &

It’s on my list for 2022 to put together a list of retired patterns. I meant to do that in 2020, but here we are.

Make what you love and if all possible, love what you do.

All the best for a safe & happy New Year.


Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links but I have no control over “sponsored posts” which are the price I pay for a less expensive website. Thank you for your understanding & support. ♥

9 thoughts on “Closing Reflections

  1. Liv Sødahl Jamt

    Happy New Year to you and your family! 🌟 And Thank you for your posts and Beautiful patterns you so kindly shares! Lots of love from me, Liv, in Norway ❤️🙋🏻‍♀️

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  2. lunaneela

    Hi Jen,Happy Holidays to you and yours! I enjoyed your closing reflections. I think I may have mentioned to you in the past that TTMT and your online content helped carry me through a dark decade+ of my life. When I think of my time living in Nebraska and how difficult that 13 years was, I immediately think of TTMT and how it brought me happiness and hope. Thank you for everything you have put into Sewhooked and FIS. Thank you for inspiring me to fall in love with the Harry Potter books and movies, and thank you for your work with The Linus Connection. In your Closing Reflections you mentioned offering your patterns in exchange for verification of local contributions. Ever since I can remember, I have donated blood as often as they will let me. In more recent years they figured out how to take double the red blood cells from people with O+ blood type. I am grateful to have O+ blood so that I can donate twice as much life saving red blood cells. Anyway, there is a pattern of yours that I would love to have in exchange for verification of my last 12 blood donations (equaling 24 pints). See the next email for verification. The pattern I would love to have is your Runic Alphabet. If this is something you would like to exchange I would be delighted! Let me know 🙂Sincerely,Paige

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  3. Cathie Phillips

    Thank you so much for all you have done. I wish you well in your retirement. God bless. YOUR fan. –cath

  4. Martha Cook

    Dear Jennifer, I was thinking of you at Christmas. Our daughter surprised me with a fun experiential gift. Air B and B is doing virtual tours now, since guides are mostly out of work during covid. There is a fellow in Edinburgh , Scotland who does Hogwarts ones. We were online with him for about an hour. He starts off by helping you figure out which ‘house’ you would be in. There are trivia questions about the books and movies. Last year I ordered a custom made sorting hat cake for a family gathering. We sent him photos of the cake and of my completed quilt. He and his wife enjoyed seeing them. If you are ever looking for something fun to do that is Harry Potter themed, we can give him a good reference! The guides name is ask for the Harry Potter Magic in Edinburgh tour through Air BnB…..Martha

    1. Jennifer Ofenstein Post author

      Hi, Martha,

      It was so kind of you to think of me! What a wonderful gift to receive from your daughter!

      Would you believe that I was lucky enough to go on a tour called The Potter Trail in Edinburgh in 2018? My husband and I traveled to the UK for an archeology event (he’s an archeology student in his spare time) and we made a special stop in Scotland. It was a wonderful tour full of history and local knowledge and, believe it or not, I helped the trivia contest for Ravenclaw! It was absolutely delightful.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story, it brought back wonderful memories for me. ♥


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