TTMT #674 – Quilts, Hearts, & Meetups

In which I share 6 finishes for donation (4 are mine, 2 are donated tops. 5 are earmarked for The Linus Connection and 1 is intended to go to quilts for Ukraine. I’m waiting on some info for a local organization. I also share more quilted hearts for I Found A Quilted Heart.


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2 thoughts on “TTMT #674 – Quilts, Hearts, & Meetups

  1. sewcrazyvt

    Wow! You’re knocking those quilts out left and right. I particularly love the “after quilt” quilt from the leftover blocks. It’s so pretty!

  2. michelletuller

    Your hat is great. I love the mini quilt show. All the quilts turned out great.
    The hearts will make someone smile.
    Safe travels to move your kids home.


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