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Tiny Bits of Silk



bookmark made from Dupioni silk scraps


I received a few bits of silk scraps in a bag of yummy fabric oddments. I almost, almost swept the silk bits into the bin because they were so teeny tiny.

Then I thought of a friend that loves silk and has been having a bit of a rough time lately. What to do with those tiny scraps?

How about a bookmark?

bookmark made from Dupioni silk scraps

Made using a heavy-weight double sided fusible inside and stitched the pieces on wherever they would fit. Each seam was finger pressed and then I used decorative stitches on my sewing machine to embellish.

Miracle of miracles, I had a matching Sulky thread that was just perfect for what I wanted to accomplish.


bookmark made from Dupioni silk scraps



Some stitching detail. This kind of project is always so zen for me!

bookmark made from Dupioni silk scrapsI know this little bookmark won’t solve any of my friend’s problems, but I hope she knows that I’m thinking of her and at the very least this will give her a smile.

In an effort to spread a little love around this week, I will give giving a free magazines from my stash to 5 different readers!

Ready, set…comment!


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