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Aslan: Not A Tame Lion (close-up)

I’ve gotten a bit behind sharing my Summer of Stitches designs, so we’re going to have two weeks’ worth today!

Aslan: Not A Tame Lion
7″ embroidered

For the Chronicles of Narnia theme, I worked on an sketch of Aslan, aided by my bff, who suggested the quote “Not a tame lion.”

I love how he turned out and can think of a handful of other fandoms he’d work for, too!

Aslan: Not A Tame Lion (close-up)


Whisker details. I’m especially proud of these!


Stephen Colbert: TRUTHINESS

7″ Embroidered

For the most recent theme, I ‚̧ T.V., I decided to go with one of the two shows my family rarely misses, The Colbert Report. After toying with a variety of themes, I decided to focus on Colbert’s arched brow.

The text, once again, was suggested by bff, Jewells… “Truthiness.” Seriously, what would I do without her? ūüėČ

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