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TTMT #399- Fancy Pants!

Three Hundred Ninety-Nine Talk to Me Tuesday Videos. WOW!!

In the beginning, this weekly crafty show & tell didn’t even have a name! A couple of weeks in, one of our early participants suggested TTMT and it stuck. At the time, Tuesday was my day off and it was the best day for me to share with my lovely craft, quilt, & swap friends around the world, so Talk to Me Tuesday was born!

Want to join our community? Our crafty show & tell happens every week at ttmt.livejournal.com. (I post my videos both places.) You’ll need to join the TTMT community to participate, but membership is free and weekly participation is always optional. Videos can be uploaded directly to YouTube, can be edited or not, but should be 10 minutes or less of crafty show & tell goodness! We have some fun things planned for 2017. Crafting is always more fun with friends!

My Favorite Things #favthingsbom now available as a set in my Craftsy shop! #bom #paperpieced #somanyoptions

60” x 72” (for 12” blocks) or 30” x 36” (for 6” blocks)

The entire set of My Favorite Things patterns, January – December, plus bonus blocks, and these four layouts in two sizes is available in one .zip file in my Craftsy Shop. Prefer Etsy? The set is available there, too.


Thanks to your feedback & requests, Paper Piecing Vintage will be returning as a Quilt Along during the first half of 2017!

Fairy Tale Femmes

Fairy Tale Femmes, a magical Sunbonnet Sue block set to paper piece, is the prize for December 2016! Want a chance to win a free copy ? Simply share your Sewhooked project photos with my Flickr group (any project designed by me). You’ll have one chance to win for each project photo you share!

Want to keep sharing? 2017 giveaways will take place in the Sewhooked Facebook Group!


charity: March Linus Mayhem

Today found me at yet another meeting for The Linus Connection.  I’ve mentioned in the past that our numbers were low and that the continued shortage was weighing on myself and the other volunteers.

Thanks to our very diligent volunteers and some serious recruiting, our numbers are back up again and we’ve even been able to set aside blankets for the camps we donate to each summer!

I’d like to say a huge heartfelt thanks to all of my online friends that have donated to my favorite charity and encourage every crafty person out there to make something for a charity in your location.  There are loads of organizations out there just like The Linus Connection that could use your crafty skills!  Whether you knit a cap, crochet a scarf or make a quilt, whether you do it once a year or once a week, use your crafty skills for good and help change your world.  Volunteering for a good cause pays in love and friendship.  It’s one of the best non-paying jobs you’ll ever have!

These blankets and quilts were donated through Go Get Granny & Log Cabins For Linus (aka, my online friends!).  Thanks a million times to each of you for your time, your talent and your general all-around awesomeness!

Quilt made by Shae, quilted by Marge.

Granny-ghan donated by caitirin

Quilt made with blocks donated by clumsy_chord, pieced by me (to be quilted).

Afghan made from blocks donated by Janina, joined and bordered by me.

Afghan made from blocks donated by craftylilthing in Starknuts colors.  Joined by me.

Afghan made with blocks donated by auntypsycho, joined by me.

Afghan made by Mary (Mary also donated loads more granny squares, which are being joined by my friend Linda!)

Afghan made by Mary

Afghan made by Mary

Afghan made by Mary

Fleece blanket with crochet edges, made by Jennifer Tanner.

See more great blankets from Show & Tell at today’s meeting!

I will continue to accept donations until the end of March, so just a couple more weeks now!  If you still have something you’d like to share with Linus, please contact me for my mailing address.

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo.  Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.




charity: You’ve Gotta Have Friends

If you’ve missed it on my last few TTMT videos, Log Cabins for Linus and Go Get Granny has been wildly successful!

This past Saturday, the first donations from around the world went out to kids all over the Austin area (read the Linus Blog here).

Many of the the wonderful online crafters that have been participating have sent individual quilt and crochet blocks, but I’ve also received completed quilt tops and entire afghans, fabric yardage and yarn!

made by dragonsinger954
Made by Mary.  Mary also sent oodles of granny squares which are currently being turned into afghans.  She also participating in the Starknuts Community blanket.

made by mkissa

made by Marissa from my Oh Wavy Baby pattern!  Marissa also made a Spiderman quilt, which you can see below.

made by hp5freak
Made (and designed!) by Amber of Amber’s Originals, one of three teen-sized afghans she donated!

made by hp5freak
Mmmm, Olives made by Amber of Amber’s Originals

Chinse Coin quilt made by hardhatcat
Donated by Cat, from Australia!

The following are photos taken by my good friend Linda during Show & Tell at Linus this past Saturday. That’s me holding up the blankets!

Made by Amber, donated to Linus

Another beautiful afghan by Amber of Amber’s Originals.

Spiderman quilt made and donated by Marissa

made by Marissa…do you see Spiderman?

Starknuts Community afghan, donated to linus

The Starknuts Community Blanket.  You can read more about this one here.  And no, I have no explanation for the look on my face!

Colorful Quilt top made and donated by Laci

Top donated by Laci of Orange Blossom Boutique.  This one will be quilted and go out with next month’s deliveries.

Chinse Coin quilt made by hardhatcat
Each blanket receives a stitch on label, so the child that receives it will know just where it came from. There’s also a paper label that includes the first name of the blanket maker as well as a poem about the making of the blanket.

* * *

This month’s challenge for me will be to start turning the individual blocks received into quilt tops.  I will likely quilt those myself, the sooner to have them go out to kids in need.  Shae, your quilt top is still at the quilters and I will post photos as soon as I can!

We were still short on larger blankets because so many of the facilities that we donate to request them, but the numbers were better than last month, in part thanks to my wonderful online friends and the crafting community!

I have HUGE hugs for every single one of you…someday!

I will continue to accept donations until the end of March.  If you still have something you’d like to share with Linus, please contact me for my mailing address.

If you make a Sew Awesome Craft or any pattern, craft or recipe from sewhooked,  I’d love to see a photo.  Email me or add it to the sewhooked flickr group.


Photobucket Log Cabins for Linus / Go Get Granny