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Just A Few Things

merlin picture by elena

After losing Tackett, we’ve taken great comfort in our remaining two kitties. Neither Merlin (above, enjoying a sunbeam) or Marie (covered in toys below) are overtly people kitties. As long as they’re fed and have a place to sleep, they’re happy as can be. Even so, getting the odd petting session in here and there has been much needed by the non-furry people in the house.

Marie is covered in toys!

This is what happens when you have cats and teenagers. Marie was completely unphased by this turn of events.

Marie, lounging

She is also very good at napping. And extremely cute doing it.

The Doctor Who Stitch Along on Fandom In Stitches is chugging right along!

This most recent pattern was The Seventh Doctor, designed by Kristel over at wipgirl.wordpress.com, stitched by me. Her posts about the SAL are epic, so if you haven’t read her blog before, do eeet!

Doctor Who Quilt - 70" x 90" version

I’ve been toying with many layout options to create the perfect quilt for my daughter while building on the basic layout that I designed for Fandom In Stitches. I think this one is it. She loves it. I love it. It has Daleks. So, yeah…more on this as it develops!
Class of 2017

This is the reason why it was so quiet around here this week. My daughter and I were in Denton, Texas for her college orientation. My brain is still a little overwhelmed with all the information.

Parent Orientation, UNT

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but I am now the mom of a college student. Eek!Mean Green Family

Everyone got t-shirts, even family members. We are now Mean Green Family. Caw!
Pineapple continues to grow

The wee pineapple on my front porch continues to grow.

The sky on my streetThis is a random sky picture from in front of my house one evening when I was out for a walk. It was such a beautiful sunset, I had to snap a picture.


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