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Way Back Craft: An Edward Just For You

I’ve been walking down memory lane and plundering my old forum posts. I don’t post much to crafty forums anymore, mostly because I like the “not having rules” part that comes with posting to my own blog. ūüėČ

This Way Back Craft has had some of the greatest comments of both love and hate, including the dubious honor of having once been featured on Craftastrophe.  Poor Edward was referred to there as a toilet paper cover. Fortunately for me, I have pretty thick skin and a sense of humor, so I took it with a grain of salt, which is exactly the vein in which Edward Puppet Pal was made.

What I didn’t say in the following forum post is that I also included a list of Edward’s catch phrases, so he would always have the right thing to say at just the right time! See, sense of humor. ūüėČ

You can see my original crafter post here. Edward Puppet Pal was part of the same swap as the Team Edward t-shirt that was¬†immortalized in my first freezer paper stenciling video.¬†You don’t know comments until you post a video on YouTube with the word “Twilight” anywhere in the tags, title or description. Viva la haters!

I made this for¬†silverfisch for the Twilight Swap Round 2 (gallery).¬† It’s Edward Cullen, from Stephenie Meyers’¬†Twilight, inspired by The Potter Puppet Pals.

He’s made out of felt, with fabric paint details on his face.¬† I really just eyeballed the whole pattern, figuring it out as I went along.¬† I hope you like him!

I made the button on my buttonmaker, with a little help from some poly glitter!

Twilight Swap
The rest of the swap…

Happy Crafting!