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Free Pattern Friday: Fairy 2023, or, Evolution of a Fairy

I could have called this Evolution of a Fairy.

Let me explain.

I designed my first foundation paper pieced pattern back in 2005. During that first year or two, I attempted a fairy pattern. She was a little complicated, but I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and complicated has never really stopped me anyway.

Well, as you can see, she doesn’t look great. What is even happening with that arm? 😐

While I don’t remember making the block, my much more experienced eye can see all the design mistakes as well as where my seam ripper and I spent some quality time together. I still rip seams, but I’m much better at it now. Practice, after all, makes perfect.

Fast forward a few years later, and I had another go.

She’s definitely better, but she’s still not quite right. A couple of friends tested her for me, and I was reasonably happy with this pattern, at least enough to share on an earlier version of this website.

Fast forward to 2015, and I redrafted her yet again. I was working on the reboot of The Project of Doom at the time, running my pattern company, I had a kid at home, was volunteering with the high school, and honestly, I have no idea what else. With everything else going on, I think I just forgot about her.

See my retired patterns here.

Until last week. While I was organizing some files, there she was. Just waiting for some finishing touches.

I’m pleased to present Fairy, 2023. Much like me, she had no idea where she’d be today!

You can see the bones of the original design in this pattern, but she’s more, well, airborne. More defined. And definitely more 2023.

I hope you like her!

Fairy 2023
10″ paper pieced
a free pattern for personal & non-profit use
© Jennifer Ofenstein

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