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31 Days of Halloween – Easy Felt Bat Tutorial

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

It’s been a tutorial kind of week here on Sewhooked, so I thought we’d keep it up by revisiting another old favorite for 31 Days of Halloween!

Bats flying out from under I35 and old McNeil Rd in Round Rock, Texas.

Bats are a fact of life here in Austin. Even though they aren’t just for Halloween around here, they are one of my family’s favorite way to decorate!

Easy Felt Bats

For almost 20 years now, my family and I have decorated our front door with felt bats. They are fun, fast and easy to make!

You’ll need:

Fold the acrylic felt lengthwise in half. Pin the Bat pattern on the fold.

Cut around the bat shaped pattern, leaving the fold intact. Fold fabric out.

Use hot melt glue to attach google eyes, being careful to use only a dot of glue. Use pattern placement as a guide.

Use the same method to add the magnets to the back of the bat, using the placement shown on the pattern.

Two sizes of eyes.

I do love spelunking in old blog posts!  My front door hasn’t been this color since 2013!

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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