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Fabric Friday – Ninjas!

Fabric Friday

This fabric Friday comes with a bit of a story. During my Hot Dog Pillowcase kick earlier this year, my darling hubby jokingly commented that’d he’d love a set of ninja pillowcases. Not long after that, Honey Bee got the Ninja Kanji fabric in from Alexander Henry. Fate intercedes? Oh, yes, I do think so!

Ninja Pillowcases for Big E

So, darling hubby gets his set of ninja pillowcases and he loves them. Adores them, is more like… He hasn’t had them a week when he comments how awesome the fabric would be for his favorite kimono. I started making kimonos for The Big Guy way back in 1996. He’s just shy of six and a half feet tall and finding a robe that fit him comfortably was impossible. I had a kimono jacket pattern that I liked and ended up using that basic idea and tailoring it to his height. I’ve probably made one of these every three or four years since.

Soooo….the next time I was at work, I bought the rest of the bolt. It took about 6 1/2 yards of fabric.

Fabric Friday

Don’t let the serious look on his face fool you. He loves the kimono, he just doesn’t love the idea of being on my blog!  And, ignore the mess. I’ve been cleaning out closets and dressers and have a pile donation stuff going in the only (formerly!) clear spot in our bedroom. Can you spot Sunbonnet Sue in the picture? (Hint: she’s not with the junk!)

I did document the kimono making process and I *might* make a tutorial. If you twist my arm and/or bribe me with chocolate. Maybe!

Happy Crafting!