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Free Pattern Friday – Sweet Reflections Quilt


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

Years and years ago, I put aside a box of fabrics I’d made from my kid’s clothing to eventually make a quilt. This was SO long ago, I wasn’t even a quilter yet.

Flour sack 9 patch

My Grannie had done something similar. She’d cut the fabric scraps from flour sacks and worn out clothing into 2 1/2″ patches (with a template and scissors!) and those would go in a cardboard box to make nine patches (above).

Grannie's Nine Patch

After Grannie passed away, I inherited the treasure box full of nine patches, eventually making the quilt you see here.

sweet patches

My own 2 1/2″ patches are a bit lumpy bumpy, because at some point in the past, long before I was a quilter, I sewed the fabrics together in irregular chunks, with the idea of eventually making a quilt. Instead of picking all those pieces apart, I cut them, as they were, into 2 1/2″ pieces.

It’s all part of the story.

sweet patchwork

Sweet Reflections is a traditionally pieced quilt made from two simple blocks. You’ll get a continuous checkerboard pattern when the two different blocks are used together.

Now, I obviously didn’t invent patchwork quilts. I’m not in any way taking credit for reinventing the wheel, but I do hope you find these simple instructions useful and maybe even inspiring!

This pattern is dedicated to Jennifer Rowles for her accidental reminder on Talk to Me Tuesday that some really special fabrics were waiting for a little love!

I’m planning to make a couple of these blocks per week, in between all of the other crazy things I’m working on. It’s a peaceful, easy to make block and I hope very much that you enjoy it as much as I have!

The blocks are 10″ (10 1/2″ with seam allowance), traditionally pieced. Chain pieced if you like! Make one, or make a whole quilt. Directions to make a 56″ x 66″ quilt included.

I’d love to see how you use Sweet Reflections. Join the Sewhooked Facebook Group for community, support & prizes. It’s a great place to share!

sweet reflections title

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sweet reflections quilt

This is, more or less, my goal, just a bit more scrappy!

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rainbow cascade badge.jpg

Quilt along or work at your own pace.

Join the Sewhooked Facebook Group for community, support & prizes! I’ll be there, as with many friends of Sewhooked. We’ll answer your questions and nudge you along if you need it. Joining the group is never required, but it is fun!


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Sewing: Turkle the Turtle

Deep in the wilds of my backyard lives the ferocious Quiltus Turtleus, called Turkle by his friends.

His markings are wholly unique and set him apart from all other Quiltus Turtleus.

A canny camera person can get quite close to Turkle, just watch out for the super massively strong jaws!

Quiltus Turtleus are known for their pointy and exceptionally cute tails.

When forced to show his belly, Turkle will display a fierce purple leopard print, frighting off predators for fear of a badly dressed…oops, this a “G” rated blog!

Ancestry of the Quiltus Turtleus, decended from the Quiltus Buttericktus Family.

Happy crafting!