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31 Days of Halloween – Cauldron Pin Cushion

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

Happy Sunday! Today, we’re revisiting a tried and true favorite for our 31 Days of Halloween!

Pin Cushion Cauldron

While not new to Sewhooked, Cauldron Pin Cushions are one of my all time favorite super-easy crafty gift to make for Harry Potter & Halloween-loving friends who sew!

You’ll need:

  • Plastic Cauldron Party Favor (available during Halloween & St. Patrick’s Day at party stores)
  • marbles, pony beads or whatever you like to weigh down the bottom (absolutely necessary or the cauldron will be top heavy and roll)
  • a small amount of polyfil
  • scrap of fabric
  • hand sewing needle needle
  • thread
  • scissors
  • hot melt glue gun

cauldron pin cushion

Gather your supplies (weights are in the bowl).

cauldron pin cushion
Cut a circle about twice the size of the cauldron out of the fabric. With the thread doubled on your needle, stitch a straight running stitch around the outside edge.Cauldron Pin Cushion
Pull the running stitch up about half way to gather the fabric circle. Add polyfil to the fabric circle & pull thread tight. Knot off securely.

Cauldron Pin Cushion

Add weights to the bottom of the cauldron and top with polyfil.

Cauldron Pin Cushion
Squeeze hot melt glue under the lip of the cauldron. Push fabric into the cauldron, pretty side up, making sure it catches under the lip.

Cauldron Pin Cushion

Let dry and, we’re done! How fun and easy is that?

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