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TTMT #350 – Bring it on, 2016!

This video is a wee bit jumpy from all the cutting to get it down to under 15 minutes. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy my antics!

Watch last year’s video…report card for 2015’s UFO To Do List coming later this week. 🙂

Below is the full recap of everything I showed you (plus one!) on my 2016 To Do list!

Definitions of some initialisms used in this post:

UFO = UnFinished Object – a project that has been set aside and allowed to collect dust. Chances are it’s existence has been forgotten until it’s pulled out of whatever dark hole it was stuffed into. While there, it probably multiplied like Tribbles, leaving many more UFOs than you remember putting there in the first place.

USO = UnStarted Object – a project that has yet not made it out of it’s incubation period. Often comes in the shape of a stack of fat quarters, a jelly roll or other similarly delicious fabric apparition. Can also appear as a pattern or book with little hearts doodled on the cover. Hopes to be a…

WIP = Work In Progress  – Always in danger of becoming a UFO, a WIP is a project that is currently being worked on, and will hopefully become a…

FO = Finished Object – What all projects dream of being. The object of much blog activity and excitement and a good source of personal pride. The Ultimate Destination of a UFO and WIP.

project of doom 2015
Stonehenge PoD (2015), UFO – My personal quilt from the 2015 reboot of The Project of Doom, a Harry Potter Bookcase quilt. Five blocks (one row!) left to piece before it can become a quilt top. Fabric and patterns are standing by.

Paper Piecing Vintage Signature Quilt - UFO
PPV Signature Quilt (2014), UFO – Signature quilt from PPV. Needs a border and to be quilted & bound.

Hand embroidered flower quilt

Embroidered Flower Quilt (2011), UFO – This was a BOM by a blogger that is no longer online. Borders added, have back & binding. To be quilted & bound. I forgot to show this one in today’s video. Oops!


TABABOM (+ Signature Quilt Blocks) (2012), UFO – The Hobbit Block of the Month on Fandom In Stitches.  Needs to be unbasted and rebasted with new pieced back to include Signature Blocks.

First #finish of 2016 for #TheLinusConnection. The pattern is Topsy Turvy Trees, available in my pattern shop. This top has been on my "to quilt" list since 2012. #ufo2016 #charityquilt #quiltforgood

2013 Project To Do List

Vintage Quilt Top, UFO . My hubby bought this for me for our anniversary several years ago. I have a back and batting for this quilt, but it still needs basting and quilting. It hasn’t happened yet because I’m still undecided on how to finish it. Fingers crossed for inspiration!

Project of Doom 2015 Signature Quilt
PoD 2015 Signature Quilt (2015), UFO – Signature quilt for last year’s Project of Doom on Fandom in Stitches. Needs backing fabric & to be quilted/bound.

Chocolate Challenge Quilt (Chocolate Box)
Chocolate Box Quilt (2015), UFO – Made for my sewing group’s Chocolate Challenge. We all started with the same fabrics and each made a different quilt. Has backing. Needs to be quilted & bound. Free pattern.

Progress! #AsYouWish #princessbride #fandominstitches

As You Wish/ The Princess Bride (2014), UFO – From the quilt & stitch along on Fandom In Stitches in 2014. At the quilter!

#projectofdoom for #TheLinusConnection. Blocks by the Project of Doom Facebook group. #charityblanket

Charity PoD #1 for The Linus Connection, UFO (2015)– Made from blocks donated by The Project of Doom Facebook Group. To be donated to The Linus Connection.

That's probably enough for today! #projectofdoom #thelinusconnection #charityquilt #harrypotter
Charity PoD #2 for The Linus Connection, UFO (2015)– Made from blocks donated by The Project of Doom Facebook Group. To be donated to The Linus Connection.

Orphan blocks sorted for quilt making for #TheLinusConnection! #quiltforgood

Orphan Blocks For Linus, WIP. While not technically a UFO, I’m including these here as a reminder to myself to work on quilts for Linus from donated blocks. I collect blocks from anyone that might like to donate and save them until I have enough to make a quilt to donate to The Linus Connection. Want to donate? Drop me an email, sewhooked@gmail.com.

Halloween Quilt, USO – New personal project. Make a Halloween quilt by October! Oodles of fabric already collected.

Quilt for my son, USO – New personal project. Make a quilt for my son to take to college with him next fall.

My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

My Favorite Things – My 2016 Block of the Month right here on Sewhooked. Click here for details.

I Want To Believe: An X-Files Quilt & Stitch Along coming 2016 on fandominstitches.com

X-Files: I Want to Believe a Quilt & Stitch Along – My Jan – March Quilt & Stitch along on Fandom in Stitches. Starts tomorrow! Click here for details.

WHEW! I think that is QUITE enough to be getting on with!

How did I do with my UFO list from 2015? Check back later this week for my report card!


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