crochet patterns by Jennifer Ofenstein
knitted pattern by Elena Ofenstein

Commenting is available on each project’s page. Click photos to see them larger, click text for patterns. 🙂

crochet headphone covers

G's Oval Headphone Covers

Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD Canister

Jack-O-Lantern finger puppets

Ariel's Blanket

Carseat Blanket

crochet turkey

Coconut Candy Crochet 2005 title update

Plushie Gryffindor Hat & Scarf

In Progress - jeweled

Big Foot Slippers

crochet granny bag

Lumos Craft -Scarf In Progress

Monique baby blanket

Elena's Knitted Potholder

July 2003

Strawberry Ice Cream Blanket

Veritable V-Stitch, finished pattern, swap block #6

Chained Compass Motif (Bella's Compass)

Red/Black swap block #3 -

black/red swap block #13 - BD Chessboard no. 2

black/red swap #16

Strings Attached Shoulder Bag

Candy Corn Crochet Hat

For Linus Oct 2009

black and red block 29

Gifty Crochet

5 Minute Baby Booties

Carpool Dishcloth

Spiral Rainbow scarf for Wendy

Easy Crochet Stocking Ornament

Bubble Cloche

5 thoughts on “Yarn

  1. Marisol

    Hey! I love your videos and your blog:) I was wondering where I can find the pattern of the sideways shell crochet blanking that you use?
    Thank you so much!

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