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TTMT #571 – May The Fabric Be With You!

birthday goodies from Amber

I neglected to show off the goodies that the ever wonderful Amber sent for my birthday, so there they are, in all their glory! Thank you, sister Amber! ♥



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TTMT #570 – 47

Pigtails…again! I think this may be the case until I can get a trim for my fancy January haircut!



Posts on this blog may contain affiliate links. Thank you for your support. ♥


MASSIVE technical difficulties today. I didn’t think this would ever upload! Whew!

In this video:

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sewhooked.com May Flickr participation prize
We have a fun new prize for May: a charm pack of Moda La Belle Fleur by French General with two, fun, Texas-themed charms! Big thanks to Susan & Janis for sharing these goodies.:)

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You’ll have one chance to win for each photo you share!

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My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

Free Pattern Day is the first of every month during 2016!

31 Days of Halloween – Bubble Cloche

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

Here we are, entering the very last week in the 31 Days of Halloween!

Today, I’m sharing a fest fall crochet hat! This sweet cloche spent six years as a “for sale” pattern and is now and forever free.

Please enjoy!

Bubble Cloche

Printable Copy or Download it from Craftsy

Add it to your Ravelry Queue:

You’ll Need:

3 oz chunky/bulky weight yarn (or two strands of worsted)

Size K Hook

Note: fptr = Front Post Triple Crochet; bptr = Back Post Triple Crochet

Ch 4, join with sl st.

Round 1: Ch 1, hdc 12 times in ring, working over yarn tail. Join with a sl st at top of first hdc. Pull tail to tighten circle. (12 sts)

Round 2: Ch 1, 2 hdc in joining st and in each st around. Join with a sl st to the top of first hdc. (24 sts)

Round 3: Ch 1, hdc in joining st, 2 hdc in next st, (1 hdc in next st, 2 hdc in next st); rep ( ) around. Join with a sl st to the top of first hdc. (36 sts)

Round 4. Ch 1, hdc in joining st and the next st, 2 hdc in next st, (1 hdc in each of the next 2 sts, 2 hdc in next st); rep ( ) around. Join with a sl st to the top of first hdc. (48 sts)

Round 5: Ch 4, tr in next st and in each st around. Join to top of chain 4 with a sl st. (48 sts)

Round 6* – 8: Ch 4 (counts as first tr), (fptr in next st, bptr in next st); rep ( ) around. Join to top of chain 4 with a sl st. (48 sts)

Round 9*– 12: Ch 1, hdc in first st and in each st around. Join with a sl st to the top of first hdc. (48 sts)

Finish Off.

*Note – I have a small head, and several people that have made this hat have let me know they needed to make it longer. To do so, repeat row 6 an additional round and row 9 an additional round. For more “bubble,” repeat round 5 one more time, then proceed with the instructions for round 9.

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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Linus Craziness, Special Doom, Pretty Kitty and a Craftsy Sale!

The Linus Connection needs yarn donations. April 2014 photo yarndonationsneeded_thelinusconnection_zpsb01796a2.jpg


It’s been a crazy Linus Connection-filled week for me! While our actual meeting isn’t until next weekend, I have spearheaded a yarn drive to help my favorite blanket charity. We have been in serious need of yarn donations and what better place to ask for help than my online friends?

Everyone that knits or crochets will, possibly grudgingly admit that we all have balls, skeins and hanks of yarn that we are never going to use. That yarn taking up space? We can use it! The Linus Connection needs 100% acrylic washable yarn to make our child-friendly hypo-allergenic blankets for kids in need in Central Texas.

Have yarn? Drop me an email and I’ll send you my mailing address!

Assembly line! Prepping 5 tops to #fmq. I made most of these at Retreat in March from orphan blocks.  They will all go to #TheLinusConnection. #blanketcharity

My basting mojo was high yesterday! I paired five orphan block quilt with backs and batting and then basted them all! One is quilted with four more to go! Each and every one of these will go to The Linus Connection when complete and a couple of these will be great big check marks on my 2014 UFO completion list!

A special shout out to Sarah from Houston. All of the batting used for these quilts came from her donation!

More #yarn and #crochet goodness, this time from Sarah in Houston. Thank you Sarah! #TheLinusConnection #blanketcharity

Yarn donations are coming in! Yarny goodness from Sarah in Houston!

Yarn Donation for The Linus Connection
Pretties from my dear friend Amber. This is the second box of yarn she’s sent!

Donation for The Linus Connection from Liza
Here’s another wonderful donation from Liza! Yarn and blankets and granny squares, oh my!

Charity Project of Doom

There’s a VERY special Project (of Doom!) going on over on Fandom In Stitches. It’s this week only, so if you’re a quilter, please be sure to check it out!


Rose came out of hiding to visit us downstairs earlier this week. She’s coming out of her shell little by little. The poor sweetie lived a long time in a shelter’s kennel, and all the space she has access to now is a bit overwhelming. We’ve been using a Feliway diffuser, which seems to be making all the difference!


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Lost in Stash


Carpool Dishcloth

My yarn stash, which is a drop of water compared the the ocean that is my fabric stash, has been neglected for quite some time. I crochet most evenings, making blankets for The Linus Connection. I usually dig out the yarn I need and leave the rest.

Unfortunately, my poor yarn stash had been neglected so long, that I “lost” two small projects in there.


I rectified this situation last night by sitting and sorting all of my yarn, rewinding messy skeins and bagging yarn by intended project.

There was one mostly completed dishcloth, using my Carpool Dishcloth pattern. After sorting the yarn, I sat and crocheted for five minutes and finished it up.


Really? I wonder why I left it unfinished in the first place…

Long Lost-Granny Project
Turn Around Granny

The second project I found was a small stack of variegated and brown granny squares, made using my favorite technique, that I call Turn Around Granny. I turn my granny squares after each row, which keeps them from tilting. It also removes one of my least favorite parts of traditional granny squares: they have a front and a back.

These have been sorted out with more brown and variegated yarn and I will endeavor to make these my next Linus Connection afghan.

Free Yarn Patterns


Now, back to enjoying my family!



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Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend

Yarn Winder

Meet Kingsley.

He’s my Royal Knitting Yarn Ball Skein Wool Winder w/ clamp and has been in my life since about 1999. He is one of my favorite tools in my crafty arsenal.

Yarn Winder

One of the things I use Kingsley for regularly is to wind yarn that has been donated to The Linus Connection. We often receive donations of partial skeins that are tangled and twisted up, like this box here. The yarn is still usable, of course, but as a knitter or crocheter, a mess of tangled yarn is not very appealing when starting a new project.

Yarn Winder

Half an hour of quality time later, and I now have a nice tidy box of yarn ready to go to Linus volunteers on Saturday! Much more appealing!

Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD Canister

These squatty skeins are perfect for my Yarn Ball Caddy!

Yarn Winder

Somewhere during the course of our relationship, poor Kingsley needed a little surgery. Once upon a time, there were two plastic tabs that held him steady while he’s clamped to the table. I suppose I must have wound a bit too vigorously, because one of the little buggers snapped off. Not to be deprived of one of my favorite toys, I used wire snips to remove the other tab. I found these two screw-in eyes in a set of photo hanging supplies. A tiny drilled hole, a few twists, and Kingsley was better than ever!

Happy crafting!