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Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend

Yarn Winder

Meet Kingsley.

He’s my Royal Knitting Yarn Ball Skein Wool Winder w/ clamp and has been in my life since about 1999. He is one of my favorite tools in my crafty arsenal.

Yarn Winder

One of the things I use Kingsley for regularly is to wind yarn that has been donated to The Linus Connection. We often receive donations of partial skeins that are tangled and twisted up, like this box here. The yarn is still usable, of course, but as a knitter or crocheter, a mess of tangled yarn is not very appealing when starting a new project.

Yarn Winder

Half an hour of quality time later, and I now have a nice tidy box of yarn ready to go to Linus volunteers on Saturday! Much more appealing!

Yarn Ball Cozy from a CD Canister

These squatty skeins are perfect for my Yarn Ball Caddy!

Yarn Winder

Somewhere during the course of our relationship, poor Kingsley needed a little surgery. Once upon a time, there were two plastic tabs that held him steady while he’s clamped to the table. I suppose I must have wound a bit too vigorously, because one of the little buggers snapped off. Not to be deprived of one of my favorite toys, I used wire snips to remove the other tab. I found these two screw-in eyes in a set of photo hanging supplies. A tiny drilled hole, a few twists, and Kingsley was better than ever!

Happy crafting!