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TTMT #683 – Hodgepodge

In which I share a bunch of random odds & ends and yet another update on my foot situation.


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TTMT #525 – This, That, Cat.

I realized after recording that I didn’t at all mention what dishcloth pattern I use. This is my go to, it’s easy peasy and they hold up really well!

My Super Simple Crochet Dishcloth

  • I Hook, cotton yarn
  • Ch 21 (loosely), sc in second ch from hook, dc in next. *sc in next, dc in next* to end. Ch-1, turn.
  • Repeat Until Square – sc in first st, dc in second, *sc in next, dc in next* to end. Ch 1, turn.
  • Optional – sc around evenly, 2 sc in each corner. Finish off.

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TTMT #379 – Other Things!

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My Favorite Things. a Block of the Month by Jennifer Ofenstein

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Lost in Stash


Carpool Dishcloth

My yarn stash, which is a drop of water compared the the ocean that is my fabric stash, has been neglected for quite some time. I crochet most evenings, making blankets for The Linus Connection. I usually dig out the yarn I need and leave the rest.

Unfortunately, my poor yarn stash had been neglected so long, that I “lost” two small projects in there.


I rectified this situation last night by sitting and sorting all of my yarn, rewinding messy skeins and bagging yarn by intended project.

There was one mostly completed dishcloth, using my Carpool Dishcloth pattern. After sorting the yarn, I sat and crocheted for five minutes and finished it up.


Really? I wonder why I left it unfinished in the first place…

Long Lost-Granny Project
Turn Around Granny

The second project I found was a small stack of variegated and brown granny squares, made using my favorite technique, that I call Turn Around Granny. I turn my granny squares after each row, which keeps them from tilting. It also removes one of my least favorite parts of traditional granny squares: they have a front and a back.

These have been sorted out with more brown and variegated yarn and I will endeavor to make these my next Linus Connection afghan.

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Carpool Dishcloth

Carpool Dishcloth

printable pattern

Recently, I’ve been working on dishcloths for a dishcloth swap among my friends on Livejournal. While digging through my patterns, I found a scrap of paper from around 2000 that had instructions I’d scribbled for a dishcloth.

Once I worked the pattern up, I realized it’s not just a dishcloth, but one of the favorites I’ve been using in my kitchen for years!

I’m naming this easy-peasy project “Carpool Dishcloth” because I can make one in it’s entirety as I wait for my two kids at their two different schools. I sit in my car with my windows down and crochet while I wait. If you follow me on twitter, you probably have seen my carpool craft photos!

Made using Peaches and Creme cotton yarn – the pink/black/white dishcloth is Black Cherry, the other colorway is Sunflower.

Carpool Dishcloth

Size H Hook

worsted cotton yarn

ch 36

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch fr hook; ch 1, sk 1, [sc in next ch, ch1, sk 1, sc in next ch] [across]

Row 2: ch 1 turn, sc in 2nd ch fr hook; ch 1, sk 1 [sc in next ch, ch 1, sk 1, sc in next ch] [across].

Repeat row 2 for pattern until dishcloth is approximately square.

To add a border, continue the pattern around, making a sc, ch 1 sc in each corner and making sure to skip rows as you work down the sides, work pattern in the back side of sc on the foundation row and up the other side. Finish off.

Happy crocheting!

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