Guest Designer Spotlight: Cat Magraith

blocks designed by Cat Magraith
click on image for pattern

This week in the Guest Designer Spotlight is Catherine (Cat) Magraith.

I met Cat through the Harry Potter Crafts Yahoo group and then we briefly volunteered together for The Leaky Cauldron in the craft department.

We’ve known each other for over two years now and have become fast friends.  Her amazing engineer’s brain is a natural for dissecting images and creating (and editing!) paper pieced patterns.


First name and where you’re from:
Cat from Adelaide, South Australia

Website/blog/online store or other place where your patterns or photos of your work can be found?
I have my ETSY store and then there’s my LJ.

How long have you been paper piecing and/or quilting?
How long have i known you?*  I’m trying to think. Is it 2 years or longer? I have been doing other quilting though since primary school so about 25 years.

*Note from Jennifer:  it’s been two years!

What do you use own your blocks for?
Cushion covers, totes and never quite finished quilts (lets just say quilt tops).

When did you start designing?
Pretty well much almost straight away after i started Paper Piecing.

Was there a particular inspiration to draw your first pattern?
I was inspired by hp_paperpiecing and your patterns and a desire to create my own custom patterns.

Do you remember what your first design was?
First design was my Dumbledore pattern.

Do you have a favorite among your own designs?
Dumbledore is my favourite still.

How has the online community changed the way you craft/quilt/design, etc.?
I had never seen the US style of PP method before i joined the online quilting community. It is not very common in Australia with most references to PP being the paper hexagons used in a lot of British quilting books and are all hand stitched. US PP has changed the way i design my patterns and has given it a new edge.

Find more of Cat’s free patterns on the Guest Designer Page on sewhooked

Happy Crafting!

3 thoughts on “Guest Designer Spotlight: Cat Magraith

  1. pren wilcox

    great interview. interesting about the PP being different down under. i know those paper hexagons. i will never attempt another one of THOSE quilts again hahaha. gret pic Cat you look LOVELY!


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