Make A Mini Valentine

One of the best things about paper pieced patterns is that they are so easy to scale.

The great majority of the patterns I design finish 5″, which makes the math a bit easier.  Want a 10″ block?  Print at 200%.  Want a 1.5″ block?  Print at 30%.

Miniatures have long been a favorite of mine.  They work up quickly and are just so darn adorable when you’re done!

Use Scrappy Heart in miniature and some card stock and you’ve got yourself a cute, fast handmade Valentine for your sweetie!

When choosing a paper pieced pattern to miniaturize, the simpler the pattern the better.  Choose a pattern that is all one piece or only a few individual pieces.  The more paper pieces you have to work with, the trickier your pattern will get and the thicker the seams will be.

For the Valentine’s Card you’ll need:

What to do:

Print your scaled pattern (shown here with the original 5″)

OR use the 1.5″ pattern sets created just for this tutorial (added Feb. 2012)

Piece the block like you would any other

Paper Piecing:  Step By Step

When piecing in miniature, the smaller your seam allowance, the better.  I like a scant 1/8″

This is your block finished from the back and the front.

Follow the stitching line around the block.  This will make it possible to remove the paper without stretching the bias edges.  Contrasting thread shown.

Remove the paper from the block.

**note – normally, the paper needs to stay on the block until it is pieced in it’s final destination, but because we are appliqueing it, that’s not an option here**

card stock and wall paper or seam roller

Fold the card stock in half, and press the crease with the wall paper roller.  The same effect can be achieved with a  scoring tool.

Position the block on the front of the card.  Use a zig zag or other decorative stitch to applique in place.

Now fill the inside with sweet nothings and you’re ready to give it to your Valentine!

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3 thoughts on “Make A Mini Valentine

  1. Iris

    Being a quilter & scrapbooker, I {heart} the combination of fabric and paper on a project. And of course, can’t go wrong with hearts! Thanks for all the terrific patterns.


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