Crochet: Motif Blocking Template

blocking Supernova

I’m a bit surprised at myself for not sharing this before!

When I’m working on  a crochet project that requires blocking, which, let’s face it, if I’m working on it, it’s most likely a blanket of some sort or another, I like to keep a size template handy to check my motif by.  I discovered that using foam core for my template also gives me a super easy way to block my motifs so they come out perfectly!

I’m currently working on some 12″ blocks for a swap I’m participating in.  I’m using the pattern Supernova by Chris Simon in my example.

You’ll need:

  • piece of foam core board larger than your motif
  • ruler (quilting rulers work great!)
  • cutting surface
  • box cutter or Exacto

Measure the size you need on the foam core board (12″ board shown).  If you have a quilter’s square ruler, now is  a great time to break it out.  If not, just measure carefully, being sure to mark the measurement you need several times to get the right size.

Use the box cutter to cut the foam core board to the right size.

That’s it! Now you have the perfect size template that you can both check your size against and block the motif (shown above) if needed!

blocking board

Supernova 12"Supernova, pattern by Chris Simon

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