Quilting: Sweet Honey Bee

Dianne, owner of Honey Bee Dianne Ferguson, owner of Honey Bee Quilt Store with her Harry Potter blocks

Since the summer of this year, I have had the great pleasure of being the Paper Piecing instructor for Honey Bee Quilt Store in Austin, Texas.

What I didn’t expect was that not would Honey Bee embrace me and my paper piecing classes (which several of the employees have taken!), but both the store owner (Dianne, shown above) and Kerry (who I will get a photo of with her blocks!) would both work on Harry Potter quilts using both my patterns and Guest Designer patterns from sewhooked!  Every time one of them shows me their quilty progress, I get more excited about their future quilts. They’re both using gorgeous fabrics for their blocks and their stacks get a little taller each time I visit.

Tomorrow, I’m teaching Intro to Paper Piecing at Honey Bee to a full house!

Stop by the shop on December 6, 2009 at 1:00 pm for Open House to meet next session’s instructors, get a peek at the classes and sign up early before they fill up.  I’ll be there along with other instructors for questions and just to hang out and meet potential students!

My intro technique class and a new class, Paper Piecing + Curves (New York Beauty block) will be offered in the Spring. Many of the wonderful kits and projects offered at Honey Bee include paper piecing, so if you haven’t learned yet and are anywhere near the Austin area, join me for a fun technique class in the spring.

Intro to Paper Piecing, February 20, 2009

Paper Piecing  + Curves (New York Beauty Block) – Date TBA

For those of you that didn’t catch it earlier in the week, one of sewhooked’s own Guest Designers, Cat Magraith, was featured on the Honey Bee Blog after her visit here to the U.S. and some seriously quilty shopping at Honey Bee!

2 thoughts on “Quilting: Sweet Honey Bee

  1. Anjea Ray

    I *so* want to take your class for PP + curves! I LOVE LOVE LOVE NYB quilts and have it on the “someday” list to do with my scraps! I’ll try to remember to put the open house on my calendar so I can swing by. Will y’all be taking sign-ups at that time?

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Yep, you’ll be able to sign up at open house! If you can’t make it, you can just call the store or drop by another day and they’ll put you down. I’ll let you know as soon as I have a date!



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