2010 UFO Round Up

I’ve decided 2010 will be the year I finish some long-standing UFOs.  I’ve made a list and added to the dry erase board I keep in my sewing & craft room.  Here’s a more visual version to keep me inspired!

To Be Quilted:

  • Grannie’s Autograph Quilt – This was my Grannie’s and was previously a tied quilt.  I’d like to hand quilt it, but I’ve been reluctant to start until I finish my Electric Amish project (see below).
  • Friendship Quilt by Jen's Grannie & friends

  • Lost and Found Flour Sack Quilt – A quilt top my mom found when she inherited my Grannie’s house.  It was originally much longer with holes in several of the squares.  I removed a few rows across the bottom (which is not how it was pieced, so it was a pain!) and the damaged fabrics, then replaced those with some of that fabric salvaged from the bottom.  The border is muslin, which is also what I’d like to put on the back.
  • Lost & Found Flour Sack Quilt

  • Yellow/Green Linus X-Quilts (from fabric donated by Laci L) – made from the Layer ‘Em Up book by Sharyn Craig.  Easy peasy tops made from just 2 yards of fabric, both are baby-size.  To finish by the next Linus meeting, January 16, 2009.
  • in progress quilts for Linus

  • Electric Amish (hand quilting project, about 1/3 complete) – modified Storm at Sea pattern.  This is the first large quilt top I completed that I intended to keep for myself.  I’ve been quilting on it for at least five years.  To say that hand quilting is not my strong point is an understatement!
  • Electric Amish by Jen

Tops to Finish:

  • Brown Bear (blocks are done, need more borders and to be pieced) – from a pass around with my bee.  We made the bear paws for each other.  I’ve pieced the units, which still need borders.
  • Bear Paws in progress

  • HP swap received (blocks are done, need layout, piecing) – from various online quilt block swaps 2007-2008.  Not all of these will go in the finished quilt because a few were the wrong size.  I’ll save those for something else.
  • HP block swaps all together

  • Christmas Cottage swap received (blocks are done, need layout, piecing) – blocks received from the 2009 All About Paper Piecing Christmas Cottage Swap.  I’m not in a huge hurry for these since I just got them all, but they’re officially a UFO, so they’re on the list.
  • Christmas Cottage Swap, blocks rec'd Christmas Cottage Swap, blocks rec'd Christmas Cottage Swap, blocks rec'd Christmas Cottage Swap, blocks rec'd Christmas Cottage Swap, blocks rec'd

  • Layer ‘Em Up 2 for Linus (blocks are pieced, need to be squared and top pieced) – To finish by the next Linus meeting, January 16, 2009.
  • Layer Em Up for Linus

  • Batik Beauty (finish blocks) – this will likely be my quilt retreat project for March.  I’d like to have this top done by April in order to show the NYB class I’m teaching at Honey Bee.
  • New York Beauty Block



  • Twilight Crafts Black & Red Swap Received (layout and finish) – knit and crochet squares.  I might make a few more, or I might just border these and make them into a lapghan.
  • Black & Red Swap - Received

  • Turn Around Granny Square ‘ghan (more rounds? and finish) – Oh geez, these have been sitting for at least a year.  I’m uninspired as to what I need to do next.  More rounds?  Just put them together?  No idea!
  • In Progress - jeweled "Turn Around Granny"

Do you have a list of UFOs to finish in 2010?  I’d love to see!

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