The Elder Futhark

Runic Alphabet Sample

Despite sounding like someone’s grandpa, Elder Futhark is actually a runic alphabet.

Runes are fascinating and you have to admit, they just look cool!  My own interest in runes lies in the fantastic. Runes constantly pop up in my favorite fantasy stories, and honestly, I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of the graphic nature of runes to create quilt patterns with them!  That said…

I’ve created a complete set of runic letters using the Elder Futhark alphabet, which are now available in the Sewhooked Shop as an instant PDF download with PayPal payment (completely secure shopping through E-junkie!).

$12 – PDF Instant Download

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What do you get?

24 – 5″ finished (5 1/2″ unfinished) paper pieced patterns, all ranging from beginner to intermediate skill level. None of the blocks is particularly taxing, but some are a little more involved.

Each block has been tested by me and edited to be the simplest, cleanest piecing I could possibly make it.

Now the obvious question is what will I use my rune blocks for?  Hmm….  A quilt border?  A quilt center?  An awesome tablerunner or wall hanging? Just the beginning of a Norse quilt of Doom?  Who knows?!

To learn more about runes, check out Oswald The Runemaker.

Want to learn to paper piece?  Check out my free paper piecing resources and text tutorial!

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2 thoughts on “The Elder Futhark

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Thanks, Debi!

      I’m still in the process of setting up my E-Junkie stuff for their marketplace and I’ll definitely look into it!



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