It’s Bigger On The Inside

Free TARDIS paper pieced pattern, designed by me
and tested (as shown) by the ever awesome Shae.

Oh, fandom quilting, how do I love thee?

Bigger on the inside, that’s how!

In a fit of I Am A Fan, I made this a highly detailed TARDIS. I designed this pattern to be a 6″ block, but I would recommend enlarging it even bigger to work on, just for sanity’s sake. Shae made her’s 6″ and it worked out beautifully.

TARDIS Pattern

Why is the pattern purple? No idea. I drafted it back in May of 2009 and then it got lost amongst my files. When I unearthed it a couple of weeks ago, I realized it just needed numbering and separating. My guess is I had some really good wine and thought the purple was blue…

Need more Doctor Who?

dalek pieced by stephanie t

How about a Dalek quilt block?

Sample pieced by Stephanie T

Or a fandom tee?

More hardcore fan, you say?

Tardis Door Mural

Need even more DW? Check out crafty_tardis on Livejournal and the Doctor Who crafts flickr group.

Happy crafting!

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post.


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8 thoughts on “It’s Bigger On The Inside

  1. Marsha

    Hi Jennifer. I really want to make this Dr. Who Tardis for my son in law for Christmas. However, I can’t seem to get to your free pattern. When I click on Pattern A or Pattern B it just redirects me to your new site. Can you help me out here?

    1. ofenjen Post author

      Thanks for commenting, Marsha. I moved my entire website earlier this year and I will probably be correcting links for the rest of my life!

  2. Sara

    Great! Thank you. I am a bag maker (Pursuing on Etsy) and I am incorporating this block into the front flap of my daughter’s messenger bag that is her birthday present this year!

    Thanks for the pattern!


  3. Shirley Nicolaides

    Hello. Just come across your Tardis quilt. Do you still have the pattern. Really love it. Well done. Shirley


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