Fabric Friday – Scraps

Jewells' Birthday Gift 2010

For Fabric Friday this week, I want to talk about one of my favorite kinds of fabrics… Scraps! Scraps come in all shapes and sizes. They are they leftovers, consider tossable by many that sew, scraps are my preferred palate for many projects, including paper piecing and a fun technique I’ve been enjoying lately passed on my by friend Osie and the book, It’s A Wrap.

fabric friday (1)

Purple scraps became a gorgeous tote that I made for my best friend, Jewells’,  birthday.

Jewells' Birthday Gift 2010

Many of these fabrics were purples used in the quilt I made for a previous birthday gift for Jewells.

fabric friday (2)

Another type of scrap I’ve become increasingly fond of is selvage. Selvage has been turned into all kinds of things and there’s a whole blog dedicated to it! I saved mine up, with the help of my quilty friends, and made a bowl.

Selvage Bowl

Selvage Bowl

So, for Fabric Friday, rethink your scraps…there is treasure lurking in there, if only you’re willing to look for it!

See photos from the It’s A Wrap class I taught this week!

Happy crafting!



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