TTMT #86 – Tolkien To Me Tuesday

I am embarrassed at how neglectful I’ve been of my poor, dusty crafty blog! Can it really be a whole week since I posted here? What possible reason, you ask, could I have for such blatant neglect of my online crafty home?

At the end of October, in a moment of insanity, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

Yeah, I know, because I don’t have enough to do, right?

The awesome and amazing thing is, I did it! I wrote a 50,000+ word novel in a month, about 1/3 of which was written just this past weekend. So, I procrastinated… a little.  It’s done now and I’m proud of my work!


Today’s video is dedicated to Deb, who sent me the best early Christmas gift I could have possibly dreamed of! You’re right Deb, there really is magic in surprises.



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