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TTMT #131 – Too Much and Not Enough

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PoD Layouts and An Announcement

The Project of Doom, A Harry Potter Block of the Week Mystery Quilt, has now concluded, but this is not the end for  Harry Potter Paper Piecing!

The final post for The Project of Doom is now online and includes suggested layout instructions for the 30 blocks participants have created.

Join the Project of Doom Community on Livejournal to talk PoD, share photos, questions and stories!

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Previous Patterns:

Are you wondering what on earth we’ll do after The Project of Doom?  I made a HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT this morning on my fandom quilting website, Fandom In Stitches….click the banner below for details!



Two Little Hooters
Two Little Hooters
, a new pattern from The Sewhooked Shop

One Cross Stitch To Rule Them All

The One Family

Some time ago, the amazing Shae (tumblr, blog, etsy) gifted me with an amazing piece of cross stitch that she designed not only for me, but for my family. She knows we’re big Lord of the Rings fans and ingeniously combined our name with a little fandom awesome and created the gorgeous piece of cross stitch you see.

Cross Stitch by shaebay

The edges were unfinished when I received her awesome work and I knew I had to do something fabulous with it. The result is what you see in the top photo.

The fabrics I used were all Fairy Frost from Michael Miller. LOVE FF…love, love, love!

After starting with Shae’s amazing cross stitch, I was able to finish everything but the outside border in one sitting. I added the last border a little later so it would fit the frame of my choice.

The One Family - trimming the quilt

I intentionally made the outside border larger than it needed to be. Then, using the glass from the frame I purchased as well as the grid on my cutting mat, I lined up the piece as evenly as possible.

Then, I trimmed!

Not shown – I also trimmed a piece of cotton batting to the same size to help hold the quilt in place inside the frame. The result is what you see above!

On the back of the frame, I made a note of who made each part of the project and when. It’s just a simple note, but it’ll be awesome for future generations of Ofensteins to know!

Before deciding on this layout, I played around with ideas in EQ7 as seen in my pre-retreat post! When it came down to it, what I really wanted were earth tones (with a little sparkle!) and triangles. I love triangles in quilts.

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

I have so much more wonderful post-retreat projects to share! See you then!



TTMT #86 – Tolkien To Me Tuesday

I am embarrassed at how neglectful I’ve been of my poor, dusty crafty blog! Can it really be a whole week since I posted here? What possible reason, you ask, could I have for such blatant neglect of my online crafty home?

At the end of October, in a moment of insanity, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.

Yeah, I know, because I don’t have enough to do, right?

The awesome and amazing thing is, I did it! I wrote a 50,000+ word novel in a month, about 1/3 of which was written just this past weekend. So, I procrastinated… a little.  It’s done now and I’m proud of my work!


Today’s video is dedicated to Deb, who sent me the best early Christmas gift I could have possibly dreamed of! You’re right Deb, there really is magic in surprises.