UFO Update – Black & Red Afghan

black and red project

Remember this, when I posted about the UFOs and such I’d like to get finished in 2011? Well, the end of February saw me finishing these blocks above into this afghan below!

Black, Red & White Ghan

The black/red squares came from a Twilight Crafts swap in 2009. I made all the white ones to give it a checkered effect and to help the black/red blocks really stand out.

I crocheted all the blocks together with white yarn, then crocheted around with black. Once I changed to white yarn, I crocheted evenly around and then continued with the border, most of which is done in hdc. The finishing row is a reverse sc (aka crab stitch), which adds a really awesome ridged texture.

I really like the finished product and have decided that I will keep this one for myself. Quite a few of my friends participated in this swap and it makes me happy to have a little piece of their craftiness!

Remember the stairs? I will have something to share about those very soon!!

14 days until my bee’s annual quilt retreat!



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