Fabric Friday

Fabric Friday March 18, 2011

Last weekend, some friends and I visited Dallas for the Quilter’s Guild of DallasQuilt Celebration 2011. It was a fun time full of wonderful vendors (fabric, fabric, fabric!) and gorgeous quilts.

The lovely batik you see above is a fat quarter that I found at one of the plethora of vendors we visited. I did buy more, but I think this one is especially worth sharing. I just love all the different stars!

I, of course, took oodles of photos at the quilt show. There isn’t a photo of every quilt, but I did get pictures of the ones I found interesting or especially striking. Sometimes it was just the fabric combinations that caught my eye. You can see all the photos I took in Dallas here.

Tomorrow, I’ll be at the monthly meeting for The Linus Connection. Stop by if you’re in town!

Happy quilting everyone, and have a great weekend!



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