Pre-Treat Thoughts

It’s early (for a Saturday morning) and I’m giving myself this much time *holds up fingers* to try and get caught up before today’s Linus meeting.

I’m in hardcore pre-Retreat countdown mode. It’s kind of like going to a conn, the excitement, the planning, the lack of sleep…the big difference is there’s no hotel bill and the only costuming are our pjs.

Common interests? Check. Something to do every second of every day? Check. Food? Check! Fun? Check, check, check!

I’ve been putting together a list of what I’m taking and it just keeps growing. I think a couple of my UFO projects that I’m feeling kind of ‘meh’ about might stay behind.

So far, this is my list (you can several of these on my 2011 UFO post):

To finish:

  • Bear Paws
  • Christmas Quilt
  • HP Swap Quilt*
  • New York Beauty

*I have taken the HP swap blocks to the last two retreats and not touched them. The real problem is that I have no idea how I want to lay them out, so they just get transported back and forth. If I have time before Wednesday, I’m going to import all the photos into EQ7 and play with layouts. Maybe I can get inspired…

To Be Cut/Pieced:

  • POD blocks to be made – pre-sorted with fabric ready to go
  • LotR x-stitch gifted from Shae with mock-ups done in EQ7 so I can decide on the final layout
  • Green swap squares plus purple for 10 Minute Blocks
  • Churn Dash Blocks + shirting (need!) and red or brown fabric (also with EQ7 mock-ups)
  • 5 @ The Hive BOM blocks

Needs to be quilted…might take:

  • Wingless Wyrm
  • Sir Gareth’s Dragon
  • My Kitchen Window
  • Classic Film


  • Rope & Bag O’ Selvage for basket making
  • Secret Pattern and Fabric for Secret Project
  • Take triangles from exchange…just in case!

EQ7 Mock Up Layouts for LotR X-Stitch and Churn Dash:

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

LotR X-Stitch Mock Up

I have a whole set Churn Dash blocks that look similar to this one:
churn dash

These are some of the layouts I’ve thought about. The first one is my favorite, especially if I can find some shirting I like in the quilt shops we visit on the way down to Canyon Lake.

Churn Dash Mock Up

Churn Dash Mock Up

Churn Dash Mock Up

Churn Dash Mock Up

Any opinions or suggestions on the layouts? I’d love to hear them!



2 thoughts on “Pre-Treat Thoughts

  1. Terri Johnson

    I don’t know about the others, but if you are still having trouble with your HP squares, how about arranging them in a chronological order according to the story line. It’s just what popped into my head as I read your problem.
    Have fun at retreat!


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