PoD Week 15

This is your weekly reminder that The Project of Doom, A Harry Potter Block of the Week Mystery Quilt, is taking place over on Harry Potter Paper Piecing (hp_paperpiecing on Livejournal).

The Week 15 pattern is now online*!  You haven’t started yet? No worry, all the patterns up to this point are still available and you can jump in at any time!

Please note: We’re taking a one week break between Week 15 and Week 16. The PoD will resume Wednesday May 4.

Want how other quilters are interpreting the PoD patterns? You can see related photo posts here.

If you participate, and you’re part of the hp_paperpiecing community (it’s easy, you just need a Livejournal account), you’ll be eligible for awesome prizes every month! There are details on the site…so GO!

*New PoD pattern posts go to the PoD page, with the actual block behind a link to keep it a mystery!



frankwerewolf reaper zombie vamp
Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends – Monster Madness, from the Sewhooked Shop


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