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The Project of Doom, a Short History

#throwbackthursday -  the inspiration for the first #projectofdoom #harrypotter #quilt is this mural I painted in my daughter's room when she was 8 years old. She's 21 now. You can find my #pod2015 and #pod2011 patterns for free on sewhooked.com and fando

In 2002, I painted a Harry Potter-inspired mural in my daughter’s room. While creating the mural, I added things that I thought might be found on a Hogwarts bookcase, including Crookshanks, an owl, a crystal ball, quills, the Sorting Hat and, of course, textbooks.

Harry Potter Quilt

In 2004 or so, I learned to design paper pieced patterns and very shortly thereafter began work on My Magical Lens, my first Harry Potter-inspired quilt. It’s a small quilt made entirely from 5″ blocks I designed myself.

Because I was designing and piecing and working and still making loads of other things all at the same time, I didn’t finish MML until 2007, when I showed it for the first time at Phoenix Rising, a Harry Potter conference in New Orleans.

I continued to craft and design and grow my abilities as a designer. Somewhere in there, I signed a book deal and later had it canceled. Not long after, I turned back to fandom for love and support, which is a great way to heal a broken heart.

The idea to create a bookcase quilt based on the one I’d painted in my daughter’s room had been in the back of my mind for a long time and I desperately needed some craft therapy.

I realized right away that I’d already designed many of the items I’d want to include for My Magical Lens. What I’d need to do next was to figure out how to incorporate them.

2011 Project of Doom by Jennifer Ofenstein

I learned to use EQ7 in 2010 while designing the PoD. I started with a picture of the mural and grew the quilt one 10″ block at a time. I thought, and still think, that it’s less daunting when broken into manageable chunks.

By the time I’d finished the design and the individual block patterns, I had decided that there was nothing I wanted more than to share the quilt with my fellow Harry Potter fans. The quilt was now dubbed “The Project of Doom” for both the amount of time I’d put into it and also because I planned to stop designing Harry Potter patterns after I completed it.

Little did I know that this quilt would change my life and still be going strong in 2017! The Project of Doom, indeed.

The 2011 Project of Doom was hosted on Harry Potter Paper Piecing, my first fandom-themed quilt group.

You can still see all the original PoD posts, including photos of those first quilts made by our group in 2010.

The quilt along gained so much attention that it was overloading the previous incarnation of Sewhooked. My website was constantly down from all the downloads! That led me to start Fandom in Stitches as a way to support my own fandom patterns as well as the quilting community that was beginning to grow up around fandom-inspired quilts. All Fandom in Stitches patterns remain absolutely free for personal & non-profit use.

The Livejournal group slowly faded away, but the PoD did not.

You can find The Project of Doom patterns free right here on Sewhooked or in my Craftsy Pattern Shop (free to download, of course).

Find my PoD patterns plus more awesome bookcase designs from other Fandom designers on Fandom in Stitches.com.

We have a Facebook group over 2,000 members strong where there is always someone quilting along!

AAQG QuiltFest, Austin, TX Sept 2012

The original PoD has since done a little bit of traveling and been on display several times. My favorite photo of its adventures is this one taken at the Austin Area Quilt Guild’s 2012 Quilt Show. I stood back for a long time watching the crowd mingle around the quilt and I stood in awe and was a bit overwhelmed by the reaction it evoked. Despite the popularity of the quilt, I was just beginning to understand the reaction it was having on others.

The PoD won three awards from this show:

  • Overall Award: Creativity (large quilts)
  • Overall Award: Judge’s Choice
  • Honorable Mention: Two Person Quilts (quilted by Shannon Shaw)

The Project of Doom for Charity

Since finishing the original PoD, I’ve been involved in creating a number as part of group projects for various charitable causes.

The above quilt was made by Fandom in Stitches community members in 2013 and raffled off to support The Linus Connection. Quilted by Shannon Shaw.

Make A Wish Project of Doom by the Fandom In Stitches Quilting Community

The above quilt was created in conjunction with Harry Potter Crafts over on Yahoo! They were contacted by someone from Make-A-Wish for help creating Harry Potter inspired goodies for Samantha. She was going through chemo at the time.

All blocks were made and donated by Fandom in Stitches community members. Completed by me.

Harry Potter Make-A-Wish Delivery

Samantha receiving her quilt in 2014.


Project of Doom Mini Quilt

I’ve also completed a fair few mini-PoDs for The Linus Connection.

Fandom in Stitches and Project of Doom group members have sent me a plethora of extra blocks, “redos” and orphans left from their own projects. Quilts range in date from 2012 – 2016.

And yeah, I’ll still take your extras. Email me for my address. 🙂

Two Friday #finishes for #TheLinusConnection! We have been running under an extreme shortage, so I'm using all my spare time working on quilts to donate. The left quilt was made entirely from #scraps. The right quilt was made from my own Project of Doom p

Donated to The Linus Connection (also, apparently the only photo I have of this one!)

1 of 2! On #talktometuesday today, #projectofdoom for charity. Blocks designed, tops pieced, and quilts bound by me.  Blocks made by the #pod Facebook group! To be donated to @thelinusconnection. Quilted by sarahssewingstudio.com.  #freepatterns on @fando

Donated to The Linus Connection.

2 of 2! On #talktometuesday today, #projectofdoom for charity. Blocks designed, tops pieced, and quilts bound by me.  Blocks made by the #pod Facebook group! To be donated to @thelinusconnection. Quilted by sarahssewingstudio.com. #freepatterns on @fandom

Donated to The Linus Connection.

Late in 2014, due to growing interest, I decided to reboot the Project of Doom for Fandom in Stitches as a quilt along. My long time friend and pattern tester, Amber Lowery helped me as I went through every single block from the original pattern looking for ways to make them easier to piece.

She received a relentless number of messages from me about new block ideas. The original 30 blocks grew to almost 80 and I added a new castle layout with several variations.

I Am A Guest on American Patchwork Quilting Podcast episode 286 Dec 7 2015

The reaction was huge. The Facebook group grew from a few hundred to over a thousand within a few weeks. I was invited to design for other events and I was even invited to be a guest on Pat Sloan’s podcast. Talk about star struck!

2015 was not all sunshine and roses. We had a number of deaths in the family. There were other stressful things, as there always are. The PoD quilt along kept me going. It kept me grounded and reminded me constantly that art can save us. Craft can keep us sane.

The Facebook group continues to grow and a number of other awesome Fandom designers have contributed their own designs to mix and match with mine (scroll down on this page to see them). There seems to be an infinite variety of ways to interpret what I once thought of as a fairly simple Harry Potter inspired quilt.

Have I mentioned that this quilt has changed my life? The community and friendships, the charity and love, and the sheer joy that these quilts have brought to so many have been the highlight of my creative life.

Project of Doom for my sister, bound, labeled and ready to gift! Quilted by sarahssewingstudio.com. Designed by me. Free patterns on sewhooked.com and fandominstitches.com. So happy to see this completed! #projectofdoom #fandominstitches #harrypotter #pod

Finally, I pieced two quilts during the 2015 event, one for my sister (the purple one above), which I completed and gave to her in 2015. Hers was quilted by Sarah’s Sewing Studio.

In 2015, I rebooted my #projectofdoom for @fandominstitches as a #qal with the help of my friend and pattern tester, @hp5freak. I pieced two quilts during the event, one for my sister, which I completed and gave to her in 2015, and one for me, made entire

My own top was almost completed in 2015.

Then it sat and waited while I ran other events, hosted other quilt-alongs, designed other patterns.

And waited. And I then had surgery and it waited some more.

Then I added the castle top, the only thing left to piece. It waited a little more.

I finally started quilting it in November.

The quilting and binding was finished a few weeks ago, but it still wasn’t “done.”

After hearing a compelling story about unlabeled quilts last year, I’ve made a promise to myself to label every quilt I make.

Finally, finally labeled. That means it's done, done! #projectofdoom #pod2015

As of last night, it is finally, FINALLY finished.

My own 2015 Project of Doom has officially taken it’s rightful place on my sofa for lots and LOTS of future snuggles.

Designed, pieced, quilted (and quilted and quilted!), bound and labeled all by me. I created the label in Embrilliance Essentials. The candle is a design from EQ Stitch.

Project Of Doom

Now, I want to talk about THIS Project of Doom.

This one was not made by me. It was made by the fantastic Jennifer Rowles, a fellow Fandom in Stitches designer. She pieced and quilted this beauty as a fundraiser to help a 13-year-old girl that really needs a new kidney.

I mean, what better cause could there be?

Want a chance to win this Project Of Doom Harry Potter-inspiredbookcase quilt AND help 13-year-old Kenzie get the new kidney she needs?

Donate $5 to Kenzie’s GoFundMe and get one chance to win.

Donate $20 and get FIVE chances to win.

Drawing on March 25, 2017

You can find The Project of Doom patterns free right here on Sewhooked.

Find my PoD patterns plus more awesome bookcase designs from other Fandom designers on Fandom in Stitches.com.

2017 quilt along.jpg

Find all posts on Sewhooked about PPV 2017.

Stop by Monday for our next block to piece!


See you tomorrow for Free Pattern Friday!



Don’t stop…designing!

Oodles of Harry Potter Pattern Updates!


Well, I suppose a better way to say that would be “don’t stop updating!”

The above images are all my original Harry Potter paper pieced designs, the ones that inspired my now-defunct group Harry Potter Paper Piecing and were the petri dish for Fandom In Stitches.


Harry Potter Quilt

My Magical Lens, my first Harry Potter quilt, completed in 2007. I started designing these patterns in 2004.

I’m giving all of my pre-2010 patterns a facelift to make them easier to read and current with where my design style has evolved to. Back in 2010, when I was designing The Project of Doom, I started using EQ7 to draw my patterns. It changed the way I design and while I still use multiple softwares for entire patterns, all of my drafts start in EQ7.

With very few exceptions, I draw all of my patterns entirely from scratch and I’ve had a complete blast going back through images I created years ago and updating them to share with all my fellow Harry Potter fans that are still creating their quilts.

All I ask in return is that you not make items to sell from my patterns. These are free for your personal and non-profit use. Use them for charity or yourself, but not for sale, please.

You can find all my my updated Harry Potter patterns right here on Sewhooked and on Fandom In Stitches under Harry Potter. I started at the top and am currently through the Quidditch patterns. Here on Sewhooked, looked for “updated 2014” for those patterns that have been recently improved for your sewing enjoyment.


I'm a Craftsy Designer
 If you love my free patterns, then I’d ask if you’d very kindly considering buying a pattern or two from my Craftsy shop. Selling patterns is how I am able to continue to do and share all the things I do and I appreciate each and every purchase!
Share your projects made from any Sewhooked pattern with the Sewhooked flickr group in September, including Paper Piecing Vintage, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Set 1: Monster Madness. The set includes 5″ patterns for all the classic monsters shown…just in time for Halloween! Winner coming soon!

Crafts of Halloweens Past: Quilty Goodness!

Trick or Treat Sue

Let’s be honest, most of you are here because of the quilts.

I’m totally okay with that.

While I do have many for sale patterns, I have many, many free ones.

Whimsical, fun, happy patterns are my favorite to create. To be frank (or Jennifer, as the case may be!), I make what I like. It’s as plain and simple as that. Making what I like makes me happy, and hopefully, you will feel that when you’re working on a pattern that I designed. If not, then I’m clearly doing it wrong!

Trick-or-Treat Sue, up at the top of this post, was created for a blog hop hosted by Soma over on Whims & Fancies last October.

She’s 10″ paper pieced and can be downloaded right here or over on Craftsy. This sweet Sue is just one of the over 50 magical Sunbonnet Sues that I’ve designed over the years. You can find all of her Magical Friends right here!

If you’re looking for even more quilty goodness for Halloween, try one of these blasts from the past, designed by me and available on the Harry Potter page over on my other site, Fandom In Stitches (click the image for the free pattern!):

Pumpkin cauldron

There are many, MANY more where these came from!

To make reliving the Crafts of Halloween Past even more fun for you, I’m offering a challenge with a prize!

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

Make any of my Halloween projects or patterns posted during the course of the month and post a photo to the Sewhooked flickr group tagged “halloween.”

At the end of the month, I’ll draw a winner to receive a free copy of Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks, which includes my pattern Corn Maze!

Heck, I’ll even sign it, if you like! ;)

Mustachio 2.0

Don’t Miss Week 3 of Name That Mustache, posted this Monday!


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Featured Pattern: Two Little Hooters

The PoD Goes To The State Fair

I want to give a HUGE congratulations to Shirley U., whose Project of Doom quilt won the Blue Ribbon at the North Carolina State Fair quilting competition in the “Other Technique” Category!

Can I even tell you how excited I am? I really don’t think there are words!

Her quilt will be on display October 12 – 23, so if you have the chance to go see it, please, please do.

And? If you do go? I want pictures!

Project of Doom Patterns right here on Sewhooked

I would encourage everyone that participated in The Project of Doom to share their finished quilt. Check with your local quilt guild about future shows, or your local library or school library to see if they might like to have it on display. Those things I plan to do with my own PoD once the quilting is complete.

We put a lot of fandom love into each of our quilts and we need to share it with the world! That’s my real hope for the legacy of this very special project we all participated in together.

Add your Sewhooked-related photos to my flickr group and you might be featured in a future post!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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The Project of Doom – End of Days Challenge


Fandom In Stitches is the child of Harry Potter Paper Piecing and Sewhooked. Without the fabulous quilters and designers that came together through HP Paper Piecing, FiS would just not have been possible.
The last big project I hosted on Harry Potter Paper Piecing was The Project of Doom. I did not name it that because it was even remotely scary, but because it was my Last Big Potter Project. The End of Days? The last challenge presented to the group, and a chance to win free quilting from official quilter of both Harry Potter Paper Piecing and Fandom In Stitches, Rock Creek Quilts.
The following 11 quilts were finished in time for the End of Days Challenge, and there are many more in progress!
pieced by Bill Y.
pieced by Celine P.
Dot C.
pieced by hp5freak
pieced by Karen G.
pieced by MariaRose3685
pieced by misha29
pieced by mommysix
pieced by schenleyp
pieced by shaebay

pieced by woozelmom

Do you want to know who won the free quilt job? Click here to find out!

You can find the Project of Doom pattern archive right here on Sewhooked!


even MORE free Harry Potter Patterns, on Fandom In Stitches!

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Celebrate Christmas Quilt-Along and Super Deals for Quilters


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