Free Pattern Friday – Stop Voldemort


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

In honor of twenty years of Harry Potter and my ongoing love of all things Harry, I’m celebrating with Harry Potter-inspired fandom patterns through July!

All of my (always free!) Harry Potter patterns in one place.

I’m almost positive I haven’t shared a new HP-inspired pattern since the reboot of The Project of Doom on Fandom in Stitches in 2015. Even so, I have continued to doodle and think about the series because there will never be any stopping that!

stop voldemort original.png

STOP Voldemort Sign (formerly located outside a high school in CA, photographer unknown)

Today’s pattern is a little bit different than my usual fandom-fare as it is based on an image seen in our very own muggle world (above). If you’re part of the Harry Potter fandom, you may remember this image going viral some years ago. While I don’t condone the vandalism, I do appreciate the sentiment and offer it here in fabric and with the possibility to create a version of your very own without committing a misdemeanor crime. 😉

STOP Voldemort is 10″ (10 1/2″ unfinished) and is entirely paper pieced. I highly recommend using an Add-A-Quarter or Add-An-Eighth ruler for accuracy. You can find more useful paper piecing links here.

You’ll also find today’s pattern posted to Fandom in Stitches, sister-site to Sewhooked exclusively for free fandom patterns designed by a plethora of amazing designers!

Did you know I’m now accepting pattern suggestions? Check out the Sewhooked Suggestion Box!

Stop Voldemort FABRIC

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Beautifully tested by Amber Lowery

SV quilt

Want to make a full stop sign? You can do that!


rainbow cascade badge.jpg

Coming in September!

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