Free Pattern Friday – Saving it for a Rainy Day!


Welcome back to Free Pattern Friday!

Back in July, I shared a Harry Potter inspired pattern each week. Today’s pattern was on my mind, but never quite made it to full pattern status!

For years now, I’ve had multiple people asking for a pattern for Hagrid’s Umbrella to supplement the Project of Doom. Quite a few people have made their own versions for their own Bookcase quilts, but we’ve never had a pattern submitted for sharing.

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Since it kept coming up, I designed one for you! Do I want to make another Harry Potter quilt now? Yeah, I kinda do. Do I have time? Absolutely not!

I present Hagrid’s Flowery Pink Umbrella, 10″ x 25″ paper pieced, designed by me, tested by Loretta Sitkiewicz Nardi & Jo Minvielle.

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This is my daughter’s umbrella. I borrowed it for a little photo shot and then asked my fellow designers & pattern testers which photo they liked best. This one won by a long shot.

Notice my Arthur Weasley stitch in the background. Pattern available on the Harry Potter Archive on Fandom in Stitches under Quotes. 😛

This gives you an idea as to how this pattern can be used. I hope you enjoy it!

Get these patterns and more:

The Project of Doom, a Harry Potter Bookcase Quilt

on Fandom in Stitches

I had two wonderful testers for this pattern!

This one was made by Loretta Sitkiewicz Nardi.

This one was made by Jo Minvielle.


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