Sunbonnet Sue

I’m a sucker for Sunbonnet Sue and many of my patterns reflect that! This page contains everything you need to find all of my Sue & friends patterns. Some are Sweet and some most definitely are not; I hope you enjoy them equally.

Free, published & for sale patterns are below. You can tell which is which (and witch!) in each block’s description.

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Do you have an older version of one of these patterns? During the Summer Sue Makeover, Sue and friends received an update! If you have purchased a pattern that has been updated, email your proof of purchase to and I will be happy to send you the updated PDF file. Patterns purchased via Craftsy are automatically updated, just check your account for the new version!

Sweet Sue Tops The Tree May Showers

Sweet Sue Tops The Tree

May Showers

Tulip Fairy Daisy Fairy

Tulip Fairy

Daisy Fairy

Flower Fairy Rose Fairy

Flower Fairy

Rose Fairy

Fairy Godmother Tooth Fairy

Fairy Godmother

Tooth Fairy

Frankie Wolfie



Little Reaper Vlad

Little Reaper


Zombie Mrs. Claus


Lil’ Mrs. Claus

Santa's Elf Lil' St. Nick

Santa’s Helper

Lil’ St. Nick

Broomstick Witch

Oopsie Daisy Witch

Fortune Teller

Potion Maker

Green Thumb Witch

Wise Old Wizard

Hogwarts Sue 2013

Hogwarts Sue

Witch with Owl

Wizard With Rat

Wizard with Toad

Wizard with Snake

Witch with Cat

Fancy Boots Wizard

Long Haired Witch

Trendy Witch

Momma Witch

Tatty Wizard

Wee Witch

Cloaked Wizard

Twin Wizards

Little Red Riding Hood

Princess and the Pea


Snow White

Fairy Tale Femmes: Rapunzel


Little Mermaid

Santa and His Bag Sweet Skating Sue, Purple and Green
Santa & His Bag

Sweet Skating Sue

Trick or Treat Sue

Trick or Treat Sue

Cinderella Before The Ball

Water Fairy

Get Well Nurse

Mr Posh

Spectacle Wizard

No Hat Wizard

Pointed Hat Witch

I Want My Mummy