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31 Days of Halloween – Witches’ Brew

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

Happy Thursday! We’ve got just a few more days left in our 31 Days of Halloween journey and I do hope you’ve enjoyed every step of the way!

Today, we’re revisiting more fun patterns from the massive collection I’ve created over the years and turning their original Harry Potter-ish intention towards things Halloween!

Cauldron 2014 Update

First, we have the humble cauldron, a staple in any witch’s pantry!

Get the free, 5″ paper pieced pattern here.

Want to Enlarge or Reduce this pattern? Find out how here!

Simple Witch Hat 2014 Update

And, of course, a witch’s wardrobe would not be complete without her hat!

Get the Simply Witch Hat, free 5″ paper pieced pattern

Cauldron Quilt Idea using sewhooked.com free patterns

I’ve taken these two simple patterns, added in Moody’s Magical Eye and my Paper Pieced Bat Pattern, both featured earlier in the 31 Days, and created this fun quilt layout using EQ7!

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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31 Days of Halloween – Bats!

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

Happy Saturday! Here we are again with another fun, free pattern post for the  31 Days of Halloween!

Today, I’m sharing a fun favorite that is both fandom and very Halloween.

It also makes me think of Sesame Street…

Bats 2014 update

Paper Pieced Bat Pattern

5″ finished (5 1/2″ unfinished)


Get it on Craftsy!

Bat Quilt Idea

How about a fun quilt layout idea? I couldn’t resist!

Yeah, my kids are pretty much grown and I still love Sesame Street. 😉

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As a special bonus for my readers, get 50% off Machine Quilting: Free Motion & More until October 15, 12015! Original price is $39.99, get it now for $19.99! Offer good until 10/15/15 @11:59pm MT.

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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Jack and Few Other Thing

Union Jack, paper pieced

Union Jack

5″ x 8″ paper pieced

a free pattern designed for Fandom In Stitches


One of the great joys of running a fandom website like Fandom In Stitches is the never ending variety of requests. On any given day, there are over 100 requests in the spreadsheet that the FiS Designers share.

This freebie is one such pattern.

I have to admit, the Union Jack, as well as a whole slew of other flags, is included in the patterns that come with EQ7, the design software that I use to design most of my patterns. There are actually a ton of patterns in the software that can be used, adapted, etc. What I did with this was to change the size, color and number the pattern and make it available as a PDF so it’s free and easy to use.

The Union Jack is just the tip of the iceberg for my recent free design work. I’ve been furiously going through my older patterns and updating them one at a time. You’ll find those under Free Patterns with the notation “updated 2014.”

I started designing at the end of 2004 or so, and many of my patterns haven’t been updated since then. Back in those days, I drew everything out in Photoshop. Those early patterns are still quite usable, but they aren’t as clean and easy to read as my current patterns. I suppose it’s obvious to say that I’ve improved a lot in the ten years I’ve been designing quilt patterns! With that in mind, I’m updating everything to fit with my current style and to make it much easier for you to use.

Here are just a few of the updates you’ll find. Click on the image to go to the pattern. For even more updates, check out Free Patterns . These will also be added to Craftsy, as time permits.

Sea Turtle 2014 update Bats 2014 update Happy Bee, 2014 simple apple 2014Turtle inspired by queenmlv
There are more pattern updates on the way, posted as I have time to get them online!
I'm a Craftsy Designer
If you love my free patterns, then I’d ask if you’d very kindly considering buying a pattern or two from my Craftsy shop. Selling patterns is how I am able to continue to do and share all the things I do and I appreciate each and every sale!
Share your projects made from any Sewhooked pattern with the Sewhooked flickr group in September, including Paper Piecing Vintage, and you’ll be entered to win a free copy of Sunbonnet Sue’s Magical Friends, Set 1: Monster Madness. The set includes 5″ patterns for all the classic monsters shown…just in time for Halloween!

Crafts of Halloweens Past: Quilty Goodness!

Trick or Treat Sue

Let’s be honest, most of you are here because of the quilts.

I’m totally okay with that.

While I do have many for sale patterns, I have many, many free ones.

Whimsical, fun, happy patterns are my favorite to create. To be frank (or Jennifer, as the case may be!), I make what I like. It’s as plain and simple as that. Making what I like makes me happy, and hopefully, you will feel that when you’re working on a pattern that I designed. If not, then I’m clearly doing it wrong!

Trick-or-Treat Sue, up at the top of this post, was created for a blog hop hosted by Soma over on Whims & Fancies last October.

She’s 10″ paper pieced and can be downloaded right here or over on Craftsy. This sweet Sue is just one of the over 50 magical Sunbonnet Sues that I’ve designed over the years. You can find all of her Magical Friends right here!

If you’re looking for even more quilty goodness for Halloween, try one of these blasts from the past, designed by me and available on the Harry Potter page over on my other site, Fandom In Stitches (click the image for the free pattern!):

Pumpkin cauldron

There are many, MANY more where these came from!

To make reliving the Crafts of Halloween Past even more fun for you, I’m offering a challenge with a prize!

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

Make any of my Halloween projects or patterns posted during the course of the month and post a photo to the Sewhooked flickr group tagged “halloween.”

At the end of the month, I’ll draw a winner to receive a free copy of Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks, which includes my pattern Corn Maze!

Heck, I’ll even sign it, if you like! ;)

Mustachio 2.0

Don’t Miss Week 3 of Name That Mustache, posted this Monday!


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