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Halloween Round-up!

Hello, my dear friends!

I haven’t shared anything aside from Talk To Me Tuesday since having surgery, and since it is October, my favorite month, I couldn’t resist doing a roundup of my own Halloween and fall patterns and tutorials!

I’ve included both Free Patterns & Retired shop patterns below. As a compromise for those who want access to my previously for sale patterns, I will share the pattern of your choice for a small donation to a local-to-you non-profit. More info below with the Retired Patterns.

To date, wonderful quilters have donated over $300 to a wide variety of charities, donated food, clothing, and hundreds of masks to those who need them. Your charitable efforts make my heart swell with happiness and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

What are your favorite things to make for Halloween? I’d love to see! Let me know in comments or share over in the Sewhooked Facebook Group! You can also tag me on Instagram – @sewhookedjen.


Nothing But Sincerity (Peanuts Stitch) by Jennifer Ofenstein
Nothing But Sincerity, free pattern to hand embroider
Simple Witch Hat 2014 Update
Paper Pieced Simply Witch Hat
Fall Placemat
Fall Placemat Project Version 1 (both are in the same document)

2015 Placemat made with PoD 2015 Pumkpin (week 30)
Fall Placemat Project Version 2 (both are in the same document)

how to enlarge reduce patterns


I retired my online quilt pattern shop December 31, 2019 but I still receive quite a few requests for retired patterns.I decided the best way to address that was to have those interested in a retired pattern make a small donation to a local-to-you non-profit of your choice. Email your receipt and I’ll be happy to send the pattern. Please, only one pattern per receipt. 

If you’re unsure if a pattern is FREE (I have loads of those, check out the main menu on sewhooked.com), or RETIRED, just drop me an email or comment and I’ll let you know.

A Little Haunted Wall Hanging
A Little Haunted – Retired Pattern
Monster Madness!
Monster Madness – Retired Pattern Set
I Want My Mummy
I Want My Mummy – Retired Pattern (supplemental pattern to Monster Madness)
Two Little Hooters
Two Little Hooters – Retired Pattern
Jack's Lanterns, 9 Patterns to Paper Piece by Jennifer Ofenstein
Jack’s Lantern’s – Retired Pattern
Jack Leaves The Light On by Jennifer Ofenstein, sewhooked.com
Jack Leaves the Light On – Retired Pattern

If you make these or any Sewhooked craft or pattern, I would love to see it in the Sewhooked Facebook Group! You can also tag me on Instagram – @sewhookedjen.


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31 Days of Halloween – Witches’ Brew

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.com

Happy Thursday! We’ve got just a few more days left in our 31 Days of Halloween journey and I do hope you’ve enjoyed every step of the way!

Today, we’re revisiting more fun patterns from the massive collection I’ve created over the years and turning their original Harry Potter-ish intention towards things Halloween!

Cauldron 2014 Update

First, we have the humble cauldron, a staple in any witch’s pantry!

Get the free, 5″ paper pieced pattern here.

Want to Enlarge or Reduce this pattern? Find out how here!

Simple Witch Hat 2014 Update

And, of course, a witch’s wardrobe would not be complete without her hat!

Get the Simply Witch Hat, free 5″ paper pieced pattern

Cauldron Quilt Idea using sewhooked.com free patterns

I’ve taken these two simple patterns, added in Moody’s Magical Eye and my Paper Pieced Bat Pattern, both featured earlier in the 31 Days, and created this fun quilt layout using EQ7!

Are you making projects from 31 Days of Halloween? Share your photos with my flickr group! There will be a fun surprise after Halloween for one lucky winner!


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And Now For Something Completely Different: Crocheting Along

Sometimes, when the paper pieced designs aren’t coming easily, or my mind is filled with stress or other things that occupy my time, I find succumbing to another designer’s pattern a lovely way to unwind and unravel the tangled strands of my brain.

Lion Brand has been hosting a Crochet Along for a lovely Sampler Afghan. It grabbed my attention at once as being a project that would be fun and portable, which is how I usually like my crochet! Using their pattern, I created my own sampler, with Harry Potter-inspired colors! The actual idea I had was to make an afghan that resembled the four House scarves. The project, from beginning to end, took about two weeks. For lots more awesome variations, check out the Crochet Along Flickr Group. There’s a black, gray and white version by chooosy40 that I really like.

Lion Brand Crochet Along - Week 2 DONE!
Hogwarts Scarf-ghan

Another great project that I just finished last night was for my dear hubby, who is currently running Call of Cthulhu with his gaming group. Inspired by his eagerness for props, what better than Cthulhu himself? Wee, evil Cthulhu made from this pattern. He’s my first animiguri and while it was a little hard on my hands, I’m quite please with the way he turned out.

Mini Evil...wee Cthulhu
Tiny Cthulhu

I regulary quilt and crochet for a local blanket making charity, The Linus Connection, but I’m always on the lookout for other ways that I contribute with my crafts. Coats & Clark’s Special Olympics Scarf Project caught my eye and I just had to make a scarf! Knitters and crocheters can use any pattern they choose, but I opted for their recommended pattern, which is the same as their Wizard Scarf pattern. I’ve made quite a few of those for my family and fellow Harry Potter lovers, so I knew the pattern was a fast and easy one. It worked up really quickly and I made sure to tie one of my “handmade by” labels to it with a note for good luck at the Games to whoever receives it!

Special Olympics Scarf
Special Olympics Scarf

One of my Livejournal friends, caitirin, has turned me on to an excellent new yarn source! Angelicrafts Discount Yarn offers a variety of brands of yarn at discount prices. Just to give them a try, I ordered the Red Heart Mill Ends “Odds and Ends” box. The price of the UPS shipping was totally paid for by the sheer amount of yarn packed into the box. It’s all store-quality, without the sleeve and came with a personal note from the owner, which I thought was a very nice touch. I will definitely be ordering from them again, once I deplete my now ample supply of yarn!

Yarn from angelicrafts

Another fantastic Livejournal friend of mine, the multi-talented crochet goddess, hp5freak, shared a pattern recently for a Tiny Witches Hat . It’s an adaptation of another pattern that was written so that the hat was made in two parts. Her is easy-peasy and is made all in one piece. I had a brilliant time making this. It whips up in no time and is just the right size to put on a tiny pumkin. This pattern also introduced me to the Magic Adjustable Ring (also called Magic Loop), which I had never tried before but know I will now have a million and one uses for!

Wee Witch's hat in Ravenclaw colors
Wee Witch Hat

I’m currently hooking another Lion Brand Sampler Afghan, this one a smaller version and in baby colors for The Linus Connection. I’ll be keeping track of my progress on Ravelry. 🙂

Happy crafting!