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Halloween Round-up!

Hello, my dear friends!

I haven’t shared anything aside from Talk To Me Tuesday since having surgery, and since it is October, my favorite month, I couldn’t resist doing a roundup of my own Halloween and fall patterns and tutorials!

I’ve included both Free Patterns & Retired shop patterns below. As a compromise for those who want access to my previously for sale patterns, I will share the pattern of your choice for a small donation to a local-to-you non-profit. More info below with the Retired Patterns.

To date, wonderful quilters have donated over $300 to a wide variety of charities, donated food, clothing, and hundreds of masks to those who need them. Your charitable efforts make my heart swell with happiness and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

What are your favorite things to make for Halloween? I’d love to see! Let me know in comments or share over in the Sewhooked Facebook Group! You can also tag me on Instagram – @sewhookedjen.


Nothing But Sincerity (Peanuts Stitch) by Jennifer Ofenstein
Nothing But Sincerity, free pattern to hand embroider
Simple Witch Hat 2014 Update
Paper Pieced Simply Witch Hat
Fall Placemat
Fall Placemat Project Version 1 (both are in the same document)

2015 Placemat made with PoD 2015 Pumkpin (week 30)
Fall Placemat Project Version 2 (both are in the same document)

how to enlarge reduce patterns


I retired my online quilt pattern shop December 31, 2019 but I still receive quite a few requests for retired patterns.I decided the best way to address that was to have those interested in a retired pattern make a small donation to a local-to-you non-profit of your choice. Email your receipt and I’ll be happy to send the pattern. Please, only one pattern per receipt. 

If you’re unsure if a pattern is FREE (I have loads of those, check out the main menu on sewhooked.com), or RETIRED, just drop me an email or comment and I’ll let you know.

A Little Haunted Wall Hanging
A Little Haunted – Retired Pattern
Monster Madness!
Monster Madness – Retired Pattern Set
I Want My Mummy
I Want My Mummy – Retired Pattern (supplemental pattern to Monster Madness)
Two Little Hooters
Two Little Hooters – Retired Pattern
Jack's Lanterns, 9 Patterns to Paper Piece by Jennifer Ofenstein
Jack’s Lantern’s – Retired Pattern
Jack Leaves The Light On by Jennifer Ofenstein, sewhooked.com
Jack Leaves the Light On – Retired Pattern

If you make these or any Sewhooked craft or pattern, I would love to see it in the Sewhooked Facebook Group! You can also tag me on Instagram – @sewhookedjen.


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TTMT #338 – Super Secret Sewing & 31 Days of Halloween!

31 Days of Halloween on sewhooked.comToday’s video includes a very special story about a very special quilt and a brand new pattern set that is part of 31 Days of Halloween. I hope you enjoy!

Don’t forget to check out my EQ7 Seasons Row Along Show & Tell Post from earlier today! I’d also like to encourage anyone that made my own Spring row to post photos in my flickr group. I would love to see what you made!

Looking for the Talk to Me Tuesday community? Here it is!

Visit Fandom in Stitches tomorrow for week 9 in the Smart Phone Quilt Along with new patterns by Jennifer Rowles!

Jack's Lanterns, 9 Patterns to Paper Piece by Jennifer Ofenstein

Get Jack’s Lanterns on Craftsy for just $6!

See you tomorrow for another fun day of Halloween-inspired happiness!


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Crafts of Halloweens Past: Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppet

Jack-O-Lantern finger puppets

With all the fabric-related goodness that I share here on Sewhooked, it can be easy, even for me, to forget about all the fun crochet projects I’ve both created and designed over the years.

Halloween Bats

Jack-O-Lantern Finger Puppets, October 2000
My Jack-O-Lantern finger puppets were originally designed for my daughter’s kindergarten class. Instead of candy, she passed these out as pencil toppers on fun Halloween pencils. This is the original photo from October 2000. I’m guessing I didn’t have the pencils when I took the photo, but I do remember the fun orange and black pencils!

This is the same daughter that’s a college freshman now, so this really is a craft from the past!

To make reliving the Crafts of Halloween Past even more fun for you, I’m offering a challenge with a prize!

Quilts from 100 Blocks, Fall 2013

Make any of my Halloween projects or patterns posted during the course of the month and post a photo to the Sewhooked flickr group tagged “halloween.”

At the end of the month, I’ll draw a winner to receive a free copy of Quiltmaker’s Quilts from 100 Blocks, which includes my pattern Corn Maze! Heck, I’ll even sign it, if you like! ;)

Mustachio 2.0

Don’t Miss Week 2 of Name That Mustache!

 photo tfioschallengebadge_zpsa5762687.jpg

Do you design paper pieced, embroidery, applique or other quilt patterns? Love John Green books? Join us for the #tfios Design Challenge, happening now on Fandom In Stitches!


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Featured Pattern: Monster Madness $6 Craftsy

Jack Leaves The Light On

Jack Leaves The Light On, $6 on Craftsy

How about a fun new Halloween-themed table runner pattern? This set is SUPER easy to piece and crazy versatile!

Just need the blocks? Use them for whatever you like!

Want a quick table runner? Piece the three blocks, add borders as shown in the pattern and you’re good to go!

Jack Leaves The Light On

I shared a Jack-O-Lantern block in my video yesterday and mentioned that the pattern was coming soon.

How’s this for soon?!

I originally designed this fun piece for a magazine. They passed on the pattern and it’s been collecting dust in my sewing room ever since.

Jack Leaves The Light On
Tis the season for Trick-or-Treat and what better way to decorate than a fun table runner?

Jack Leaves The Light On Jack Leaves The Light On
Pattern includes two, full-color 8″ block patterns and instructions to create the table runner shown above.

Jack Leaves The Light On - Vertical Option Jack Leaves The Light On - Vertical Option with added sashing
Want a wall hanging instead? Simply piece the blocks vertically! The same instructions will apply to the wall hanging shown on the left as the original table runner. Slightly more fabric will be needed for the example on the right.

Jack Leaves The Light On
How about a longer table runner? Just add more blocks! I love a little versatility!

Mustachio 2.0

Don’t miss Name That Mustache every Monday in October!

See you tomorrow for another Halloween craft blast from the past! Woo, that’s some serious rhyming!


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Get Back Jack!

Jack-O-Lantern finger puppets

Once upon a time, I had a kindergartner. She was five years old, and was my oldest child. Halloween was, and had always been, our favorite holiday. When it rolled around, I wanted to make something to share with her class. It needed to be easy, child friendly, and cute. Jack was born, as were about 20 of his brothers. It was eight years ago now and my then five year old is thirteen and about to start eighth grade. Times have changed, but Jack is still easy, child friendly…and cute!
Crochet Pumpkin Finger Puppets
also makes a great magnet or pencil topper!
  • Small amount worsted weight yarn: Orange, black, green
  • H hook
  • tapestry/yarn needle
Pumpkin Body: With orange, make 2 (for fridgie, make 1): Ch 4, dc in 4th ch from hook 11 times. Join with sl st in top of ch 3. Leave a tail about 8″ long for stitching later. Jack-o-lantern face: Using black yarn with yarn needle, make Jack-O-Lantern face on one circle. Finish off. Joining the the halves: Using tail, and a yarn needle, join two circles by whipstitching through both sc. Leave an opening at the bottom large enough to put your finger or a pencil inside the pumpkin. Finish off. Stem: With pumpkin facing you, sl st in sc one st to the right of center. Sc in next st, sl st in next. Turn. (Do not ch 1) Sl st in next two st. Ch 5, sl st in 2nd ch from hook. Sl st in next 3 ch, sl st again in base sc. Finish off. If making a magnet or fridgie, only make one circle before adding the stem and then glue a magnet to the back. Happy Crafting! p.s. If you make this or any Sewhooked craft or pattern, I would love to see it in the Sewhooked Facebook Group!

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