A Little Help From My friends

It’s Linus Saturday today and I’m one of the willing and happy distributor of blankets. We sort them by size, fold them and pack them off to send out to children in crisis in Central Texas.

This month, I’m taking four blankets to the monthly meeting, three courtesy of wonderful friends.

afghan by Amber
Pretend Plaid by Amber

Quilt by Kristel

Quilt by Kristel, quilted by Marge, bound by me 🙂

afghan by Amber

Eye of the Tiger by Amber

Oh Wavy Baby

Oh Wavy Baby, by me



2 thoughts on “A Little Help From My friends

  1. Terri Johnson

    Love the blankies. We are having an Open House at our Project Linus Coordinator’s house. She shows some of the blankies donated this year, in all the rooms of her house, and in the kitchen we get to sample goodies and lemonaide. There are things to buy, and things for free, and the admission is a few postage stamps. I always look forward to it.

    1. ofenjen Post author

      What a lovely idea! I’m sure it’s fun for the volunteers to just get a chance to visit.

      We meet each month and have Show & Tell before the blankets are all packed up and distributed. I always look forward to our monthly meetings. 🙂


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