How Wednesday Greeted Me

My HP Quilt on Craft

I woke up this morning to an inbox full of messages and posts on my Twitter and Facebook about a certain quilt showing up on Craft this morning.  When I clicked the link, my eyes were filled with the image above.


And you know what? There’s even a link to the Project of Doom!

You all know that if I love anything, it’s paper piecing and fandom. Despite having completed my quilt in 2007, I still love quilting Harry and I still love my fandom friends.

Thanks, Craft, for sharing my labor of love and thank you, thank you to everyone that was excited enough about it to get in touch with me first thing this morning!

Remember, all Harry Potter free quilt patterns on Sewhooked, as well as other fandom patterns, both mine and the Sewhooked Guest Designers‘, are moving to Fandom In Stitches. I’m two designers away from having the Harry Potter page complete, where you’ll find all HP patterns organized by categories in my favorite easy to browse thumbnail format.

Fandom patterns will continue to be available on Sewhooked for a limited time and then those pages will automatically re-direct to FiS.



1 thought on “How Wednesday Greeted Me

  1. Gabriele Beck

    Hi Jennifer, Just wanted to tell you that I am working on a Harry Potter paper pieced quilt. It’s one of the most fun and challenging projects I have ever worked on. I’m hoping to have it finished by Christmas. It will be a gift for my daughter a major Harry Potter fan. (I’ve also read the books and loved them!). Thank you so much for posting the patterns!


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