Slightly Twisted, Revisted

slightly twisted

Once upon a time, I designed  a little paper pieced block I dubbed Slightly Twisted.  It’s built basically like a log cabin, but as you can see, it’s, well, slightly twisted.

It was created a for a block swap group that I was part of. This particular block was my contribution as a block angel for a member that hadn’t received all her quilt blocks. I enjoyed making it, and then sent it on it’s merry way. Other than sharing here on Sewhooked, I haven’t thought about that block much since 2008.

While spiffing up the New & Improved Sewhooked, I revisited all of my free patterns. A few patterns havegone to the Old Patterns Home, but most of them made the cut and have now joined Guest Designer patterns for the new Free Pattern page. Many of the Free Pattern are due to be cleaned up and updated. It’s good for me to go back and see where I was when I designed each pattern. They all bring back memories because I know who they were for, and for the most part, can remember what was going on in my life at the time I was drafting and piecing the pattern.

Slightly Twisted got it’s update today.

slightly twisted

Slightly Twisted looks posh in Red & Black

After importing my original pattern into EQ7, I redrafted the pattern using my original drawing lines. As I’ve mentioned here before, the fun thing about EQ7 is the ability to change colors and fabrics and to do entire quilt layouts just a few mouse clicks.

So, away I went!

slightly twisted times four
Slightly Twisted, times four creates a cool, spinning flower effect.

slightly twisted eight by eight
Red and black repeated makes a stunning quilt layout

slightly twisted eight by eight shells
Don’t care for the black and red? How about mirror images in a variety of colors?

Free Pattern – Simply Twisted

5″ paper pieced block

How’s that for a simple paper pieced block?

Here’s a challenge for you – make either of these quilts in the colors of your choice, post a photo in our Flickr group and I’ll send you a free goody in the mail!


16 thoughts on “Slightly Twisted, Revisted

      1. Joan

        What size are u cutting the strips ur making the block with. Are there any directions for this other than just the diaigram?


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