Pineapple…the Fruit, A Free Pattern

Pineapple...The Fruit
Pineapple…the Fruit, a free 5″ paper pieced pattern

You might know by now that I have a bit of a love affair with pineapples.  I knew this day would come eventually. I have designed my a pineapple block.

But this one, this block? It’s special. It’s not intended to be a traditional pineapple quilt block, it’s intended to look like the fruit.

When I teach Intro to Paper Piecing, I use a traditional, paper pieced pineapple, this pineapple, in fact:

class sample batik - pinapple quilt block  class sample red and white - pinapple quilt block class sample scrappy - pinapple quilt block

I eat them. I grow them. A make quilt blocks named after them out of fabric. It’s a sickness, really.

pineapple, day 1

Pineapple, planted

I even made a video showing how to cut them up.

It seems fitting somehow that I design a pineapple quilt block that looks like an actual pineapple!

Pineapple…the Fruit

 a free 5″ paper pieced pattern

Mock up done in EQ7. Pattern drafted in  EQ7 & Photoshop

Thank you to the YouTube commenter that requested this pattern. I don’t often do requests, but this is a special case. Not only do I love pineapples myself, but it’s not the first time I’ve been asked for this exact thing.

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